Guitar, mandolin, cuatro, ukulele, tenor guitar and tenor banjo tuition

Styles Jazz, Rock, Country, Folk
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 6 to 80 years
Pricing $38 per half hour lesson

My Method

The student (whether a beginning player or more advanced) will learn a variety of music styles with me, until he can decide which musical direction he really wishes to pursue.

The emphasis in the early stages will be on learning to play; as guitar is the ideal accompaniment instrument, the studentwill also be learning chords, rhythms and different accompaniment styles.

From there, he/she will move into learning to read music notation (‘dots’, not tablature - tablature actually has detrimental affects on a student's progress) and learning to play melodies and solo works.

It’s worth thinking about Andre Segovia (the great proponent of classical guitar in the early 1900s) saying in his 90s that he was “still a student of the guitar”. We never really stop learning.

The student can then move into any specialist field - classical, jazz, metal, rock, country, folk and so on, as their taste might dictate. My first priority is to make sure that their technique and understanding of music in general can support their efforts and aspirations.

I can help by suggesting pieces for a student's courses in High School and College. I have also successfully prepared many students for University courses.

Reid, ACT
0411 253 256 or (02) 6174 4280

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Details last updated on February 2, 2017