Connected Voice

  • Professional singer and singing teacher
  • Professional singer and singing teacher

Connected Voice is a singing and Self -Expression tuition studio in Caulfield South in Melbourne. Teaching all ages in individual and group classes. Mon - Fri and Saturdays

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Indivdual Singing Lessons

There is nothing quite like connecting to yourself and singing. It is one of the great joys of life. The warmth, the ease, the confirmation of who you are, continues to grow the more we surrender and allow who we are on the inside to come out through our voice.

Individual Singing and Expression Lessons are a beautiful gift to give to yourself. They are an opportunity to connect with you and your voice and rediscover how to truly enjoy and appreciate the experience of singing. Many people find singing or speaking in public quite a terrifying experience. These lessons are a great support in dealing with the anxiety that can come up around expressing yourself in all areas of life. They are also a great support in connecting to your natural presence and confidence and for general health and well-being.

​In the first lesson we will have a chat about how you feel about your voice, anything you would like to work on or any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Your voice is your own unique expression of you, so it’s worthwhile taking the time to connect to you before you begin to sing, from here we will have solid foundation to begin exploring your voice from.

The lessons support you to develop a holistic awareness of your voice and encompass all the physical, technical, and energetic and aspects of singing and expression.

Individual lessons are suitable for anyone interested in developing a connection to their true voice, from absolute beginners through to professional singers.

Joy of Singing Group

The Joy of Singing Groups have been running for 10 years now, and continue to be an amazing opportunity to come together with other people to connect, sing and express yourself.

The groups support the participants to re-connect to their inner presence and confidence and express themselves from the inside out, allowing for truly joyful and expansive sounds to emerge.

On an individual level these classes offer much in the way of personal growth, as there is the opportunity to express yourself in a supportive group environment, as well as develop the ability to be present whilst singing and speaking in a group. In addition, it supports in the process of letting go of self-judgment, reconnecting to yourself, appreciating your voice and enjoying the experience of singing and sharing this with a larger group. And not to forget, the joy and fun of simply connecting with others and singing from the heart.

​Singing Lessons For Kids

Singing lessons for kids offers them a safe and supportive environment to be themselves and express who they are from within.
Offering them a way of singing that comes from a foundation of being your true self and expressing who you are from the inside out, allows kids the opportunity to make singing about the fun and joy of expressing themselves unhindered by outer expectations.
Through supporting kids to connect to their natural presence and confidence, and offering them the space and support to expand, they naturally shine.
During the lessons we will use fun and engaging exercises, amazing supportive songs, movement, sound, rhythm, melody, breathing, meditation and body awareness, to support kids in the development of their own unique expression.

Singing Groups For Kids

When kids come together in a group to sing, in an environment where they feel safe to relax and be themselves, it is a truly joyful experience for all. Kids naturally know how to express themselves freely and when given space and support to do so, they naturally let go and fly!

In the world, there can be a lot of pressure on kids to perform and get things right, or to measure up to a picture. In working with kids I have found that supporting them to be themselves and express themselves from who they already are supports their confidence and brings out the best in them.

One of the many benefits of kids working together in a supportive group environment, is that they learn a lot by reflecting to each other and also have the opportunity to get used to being themselves in a group. Learning how to drop their guard and allow themselves to shine without fear of comparison or judgement from others is a great learning that continues for all of us into adulthood.

Contact Rachael Kane - 0416 967 880

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