WANT TO BREAK AWAY FROM CLASSICAL? - Traditional Violin/Fiddle Lessons

Styles Traditional - Australian/Scottish/Irish/American
Skill Level beginner-advanced
Pricing $60 an hour

I specialise in Australian style fiddle music and Scottish/Cape Breton music, however years of playing has left me with a massive repertoire American old timey and Irish music as well as a good understanding of those styles.

I focus on oral learning as it is the best way to build up your memory for tunes. It will also help you in a jam session and allow you to learn the style as it was originally taught. However once my students have a good ability to play by ear I teach them to read music to open them up to tunes books and other resources.

I try to have a strong emphasis in my lessons on learning to jam with other people and improvise both through jamming in my lessons and teaching chord/scale/rhythm theory. Also if people are interested in learning other instruments outside of the fiddle I teach guitar, harmonica and the mandolin.

I’m 27 years old, really friendly and approachable and occasionally hand out chocolate.

Some examples:

Scottish/Celtic/Cape Breton - https://soundcloud.com/corey-snoek/mabou-medley

Australian - https://soundcloud.com/corey-snoek/sets/australian-fiddle-corey-snoek-and-jim-power

American - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-24HgsoIMxI

Website - coreysnoek.com

Collingwood, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0448 503 347

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Details last updated on February 4, 2017