Performance Craft Tuition

Styles All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Pricing $66 per hour.

Whether we are seeing a high-budget stadium concert or an up-and-coming band at a local bar, the performers should want us to leave the show thinking, that was the best show I've ever seen. If they're successful, you'll have likely left the show with not only great memories, but also a new t-shirt or CD. Too often we are left with the opposite feeling, that something was missing in the performance. As an audience, we were bored, bemused, or at worst, nervous for the artist.
It's our job as performers to make sure that our audience is engaged and that you're eliciting the right emotional response. Think about the best concert you ever saw. What made that show different from everything else?

Performance Craft lessons at Counterpoint will focus on:
Overcoming nerves and building confidence
Using the stage
Crowd interaction
Modifying your songs for live performance
Building a set list that flows
Band dynamics and professional etiquette

Brisbane, QLD
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Details last updated on April 27, 2019