Songwriting & Pop Music Theory

Styles Pop, Rock, Indie, Alternative
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 12 years and up
Pricing $44 for 1/2 hour, $66 for 1 hour; Bulk discounts available.

For the uninitiated, songwriting seems to be something of a dark art. We hear the exceptional stories of musicians waking up with entire songs in their heads, ready to be transcribed and realised on their instrument. How is that even possible? Surely it's a gift that can't be taught?
What we don't hear about with that story is the hundreds of songs and ideas that the songwriter has written to hone their craft. Like any craft, there are basic skills that need to be learned and practised before we can expect success. Our favourite songs all share something in common - they elicit an emotional response, they are memorable, and more often than not they are surprisingly simple.

Songwriting lessons at Counterpoint will focus on:
Song structure
Harmonic, Melodic and Rhythmic theory
Hooks - lyrical, melodic and instrumental
Poetic devices
Bringing out your inner creativity
Popular song analysis

You will be given the tools to create or rework your own compositions, tailored to your ambition and musical style. Suitable for ages 12 and up, intermediate musical skill and knowledge recommended but not essential.

Brisbane, QLD
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Details last updated on April 27, 2019