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Creative labs

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Since 2010, Creative Labs has been setting the standard for inspired learning in all area’s of music, while actively promoting the arts community. Perth has a pretty amazing pool of talent. Our vision is to see more people get involved in music through education, and more of our talented musicians stay & build careers in Perth with the help of our services. We’re crazy passionate about seeing Australians getting involved in music.

Around 20% of kids in Australia learn a musical instrument. Not surprisingly, 70% of adults regret not learning one. So we’ve made it our mission to reverse those numbers. We believe in a Music Education Revolution, a community of musicians and students learning and growing socially and in a creative environment. Free from curriculum, restrictions and fear of failure.

We teach guitar, vocals, bass, drums, piano, violin, saxophone, music theory, songwriting, production, ensembles and provide our community with a means by which they can learn, create and discover in a professional but welcoming environment. That’s what makes us WA’s fastest growing music school.

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These details were last updated on October 23, 2017