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Custom Accompaniment Backing Tracks

General Details

M.Mus(Perf) B.Mus (Hons 1) L.Mus.A A.Mus.A Dip Mus(Dist)

Now you can practise and perform anywhere – any time!

Nothing will ever replace having a live accompanist for your performance. However it is not always possible to have an accompanist on call 24/7, and often venues lack the necessary equipment – limiting your performance opportunities. offers custom made accompaniment tracks that can be tailor made to your playing and recorded by professional pianist Carl Schmidt.

Accompaniments are recorded ‘live’ at the Central Coast Piano Studio, and with the use of state of the art technology, you are able to choose from an amazing range of keyboard instruments to suit your accompaniment needs. From the finest full size Steinway Concert Grand, to Forte-Pianos of the classical period, to Harpsichords of the Boroque.

You perform your work live in the studio as you are accompanied by a professional pianist, Or you send a recording and piano score of your performance (or a link to youtube) via email, and a unique accompaniment is created based on your performance.

Accompaniment recordings can be saved in various lossless formats such WAV, FLAC, or mp3 and sent to you via email.

Pre-Recorded accompaniment also available.

Accompaniment tracks come in three tempos Slow/Medium/Performance speed and your in choice of instrument.

Pitch, Tempo and Temperament are also customisable.

These details were last updated on June 3, 2017