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Lesson Terms
We want our students to get the most out of their tuition and progress well. We also respect your time and the time of our teachers. For those reasons, the following is how we operate; what you can expect from us; and what we require from you as a student (or parent/guardian of a student).

Bookings can not be changed once we have agreed together on a time slot for the term. Music lessons are offered in 30 and 60-minute increments. Those blocks include approximately 5 minutes for students to gather belongings and for the teacher to draw the session to a close (which includes summarising homework verbally and via email). This means that actual lesson time is up to 25 and 55 minutes respectively.

We want you to greatly benefit from your lessons, therefore it's important you practice consistently (your teacher will guide you on this). If it's clear you are not progressing because of lack of practice and/or interest, we may talk to you about reconsidering lessons. We mean no offence by this, just respect for you, your time, your money, and our teachers.

Each student will need to bring their own instrument to their lessons (except Piano), as well as any materials (books, CDs, etc.) prescribed by your teacher; as well as a pen and a notebook.

Our aim is to have lessons begin and end at the scheduled time. If you are late, your lesson will still finish at the originally scheduled time and no credit or refunds can be offered for the missed time.

If you are unable to attend your lesson due to illness, please email lessons@drsom.org or call (+61) 0419 809 593 at least 24 hours before your lesson time and we will make best efforts to schedule a make up lesson with your teacher. No make up lesson will be available if notice of non-attendance is not given by that time.
We do not offer lesson credits or refunds if you are unable to attend your scheduled weekly time-slot. If a teacher cannot attend a scheduled lesson, option to be reimbursed at the end of term of have a credit applied to next invoice.
In extraordinary conditions that mean you/your child are unable to continue lessons for the remainder of the term, we will refund the unused portion of your tuition fees.

Invoices are emailed out at the start of each term. Payment of invoices must be made by the beginning of week 3 of each term (or 2 weeks after the invoice is sent if commencing lessons mid-term). If payment is not made by the end of week 3, you/your child will not be able to have lessons until payment has been made.

We really want you to be happy with your lessons, your teacher and our school. If for any reason you have a concern, please let us know (and know that you can do so in complete confidence), and we'll do our best to rectify the situation.

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