Dalton Music Studio

  • Lauren - Grade 8 Piano AMEB
  • Grade 5 Theory AMEB
  • Nathan - Grade 8 Piano AMEB
  • AMusA
  • Grade 5 Theory AMEB

Lauren is a dedicated and encouraging educator in piano, and theory. She began learning music at the age of four and has continued to play up until the current day. While being brought up, her love and passion for music blossomed to what it is today.

While Lauren enjoys working with children of all ages, she adores working and teaching young children the art of music. Being qualified with AMEB certificates in Classical Piano (Preliminary to Grade Eight), and Theory (Preliminary to Grade Five), she has the ability to show correct techniques that will enhance students performance ability.

She is able to adjust to any form of teaching style and loves to make her lessons engaging and fun for students. She adopts some musical games as a means of engaging younger students that enables them to memorise different aspects of music.

Nathan Dalton is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for music, academics, church and technology. Beginning to play piano from the age of four, Nathan has loved and continued to pursue his musical ability.

Completing all of the AMEB grades from Preliminary Grade (and equivalent), Nathan has completed his Associate Degree for Piano (AMus), and has completed the pracitcal component of his Licentiate Degree for Piano (LMus). He has also completed up to Grade 5 in AMEB Musical Theory.

As a teacher, Nathan aims to provide his students with a quality musical education. With his solid background in classical music training, Nathan demonstrates and explains correct hand and body techniques to enhance the student’s ability at the piano. While teaching techniques and theory, Nathan also helps the student develop their expressive and performance abilities, equally important aspects of music in Nathan’s view.

Nathan loves to accompany on the piano, and does so with his church congregation, as well as with singers, ensembles, and other instrumentalists. He loves to compose, and writes predominantly for solo piano, but has also written group pieces and arrangements.

Narre Warren North, VIC


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