Dalyellup Music Academy

Our courses provide a unique quality music program, designed for children aged from 2 years. Nurturing a love and appreciation of music, with an emphasis on creativity and performance, the stimulating classroom environment focuses on developing fundamentals and technique.
ISM’s aim is to teach music as a language. The instruction is aurally based to maximise learning in young students, encouraging not only a love of music, but an understanding of music. ISM courses are now taught to over 15,000 students throughout Australasia and Asia.
The concept of ISM courses is simple:
what you hear, you sing; what you sing, you play; what you play, you read; what you read, you write.
ISM courses provide the highest standard of music education available to children.

Unit 4
135 Norton Promenade
Dalyellup, WA
Contact Liane Molewyk
(08) 9795 6040 or 0414 334 338


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