Dan Ammar

Everyone is born with the gift so now it’s time to release the inner singer you have inside.
Lessons will cover correct breathing technique right through to conditioning your voice for strength, flexibility and range.
Beginners through to experienced singers are welcome.
Other aspects of music such as;
• Learning how to work out chord progressions from just listening to a song. A better ear in music helps in your singing too.
• Theory. You get more respect from musicians if you can tell them what key your song is in and they will love you if you hand them a chart. Knowledge is power.
• Keyboard and Guitar skills are also available if you wish to add that to your package.

My name is Dan and I’ve been working in the music industry for the past 15 years. I’ve played at countless functions and bars all around Australia and I’ve performed with Vanessa Amorosi and Kate Cebrano playing keys and backing vocals.

Redfern, NSW

Details last updated on May 5, 2016