Piano Lessons - All Materials Included.

Styles Classical, Modern, Tango, Solfege and Music Theory.
Skill Level All levels welcome.
Suitability Ages 6 years and up
Pricing $35 per 30min All music sheets, theory and solfege included.

PIANO LESSONS - Classical - Pop - Modern - Latin - Etc.


It is never too early or too late to learn to play and instrument. The piano especially is a great instrument to develop many physical, mental and emotional aspects. – see the 'this is your brain on piano' Image in the images section for why it is so important to learn to play the piano.

Many of us take care of our bodies yet forget that our emotional and mental fitness is just as important! A great piano teacher that cares and takes time to explain can make learning seem fun and easy.

My mission is to teach musical independence. Giving students the fundamental tools and techniques to be able to play what ever they can within their level, rather than constant repetition of one of two pieces. Once they reach their desired level, they have enough experience to continue on their own or further their education at a higher level.

My biggest concern are students with previous bad experiences. Either they become frustrated or have had disinterested teachers who only care about the monetary benefits. Don't give up! Keep looking until you find a teacher that will dedicate their time and expertise to your development. I teach heavily based on your personality, ability and exposing you to the right techniques to maximise your learning outcome.

I am a Conservatorium Graduate Piano Teacher. Experienced in teaching all ages. Over 17 years Piano and teaching experience. I currently have students from 6 years to 59. I am also fluent in Spanish. Some students decide to do both Piano and Spanish. Two are at a level where I combine both. Experienced in teaching all ages.

**FREE first Lesson.** You can bring a friend to the first lesson just so you feel comfortable at the first meet. 30Min.

I invite all those interested to schedule a time to meet me. We can discuss your or your child's specific interests in music. Easy going classes tailored to each students needs and abilities.

I teach as fast as you are willing to learn. No wasting time or delaying to get more classes out of you. If you are willing to do the minimum work, you will see results and fast. All you need is 10-15 minutes per day to practice on the piano.

My classes include:

  • Music theory. I make my own notes with exercises. No need to buy books.

  • Sight reading. To get you reading music faster and with confidence.

  • Practical. On the piano, applying all that is learned in the theory + more. All musical material is supplied.

  • Consultations via email at no extra cost.


Classes available 6 days a week.

30, 45 and 60 min slots.

Late classes for those who work.

Block classes available. 2-3 hour classes every couple of weeks.

What you need:

No experience is needed.

To be able to identify the letters A to G or Do Re Mi...

A piano or keyboard. However, for first classes this is not essential. So no need to invest in an instrument if you find music not to be for you.


Contact me for prices and group discounts.

Lessons are pay as you go.

Pay upfront discounts. (min 10 lessons)

TAFE and Uni students discounts.

All notes and music materials are included in hour fee.

Various forms of payment accept.

Referral program.


At my place. Close to Train Station and buses to and from city.

At your house. Conditions apply.

So, give it a go! you might actually like it more than you think.

Please feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks for viewing.


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instagram: @remifa_music

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Also travelling in the local area
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