Daniel Newstead

  • B.Mus (Tech) - Queensland Conservatorium of Music
  • AMEB 8the Grade Piano Performance.

I am a full time music producer working on all styles of music in Logic Pro and Ableton Live. My day job is Head of Music at one the of the leading music tech companies in the world - SPLASH.

Limited spots available on weekends for one-on-one tuition.


Beginner to Advanced tuition in the following areas:
-DAW Basics - Logic Pro, Garageband, Ableton Live and Pro Tools
-Operation and concepts of recording software
-Basic and complex routing techniques
-All 3rd party plugins
-Audio synthesis in software and hardware synths
-Compression/Limiting theory and practice
-EQ theory and practice
-Production Techniques/Creating your own song in Logic Pro and Ableton Live
-Beginner and advanced MIDI programming for Ableton and Logic Pro


  • Scales, modes, chords and rhythm
  • Applying music theory to music production

Email: daniel@newsteadproductions.com

Details last updated: February 27, 2024