Daniel Tucceri

“A new young ‘king of keys’”- George Gittoes, artist and filmmaker

“Tucceri decides to push the performance angle into the hellfire zone”- Jon Kromka, reviewer

From those two descriptions, it’s clear that Daniel Tucceri comfortably resides within either end of the musical spectrum. His passion for music in all forms has seen him share the stage with everyone from classical musicians to extreme metal bands.

After having formal lessons from age thirteen, Daniel was soon offered a place at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Despite this, four years were instead spent studying physics and lifting bricks, before Daniel returned to the piano.

In 2014, two solo albums were recorded (‘Tempest’ and ‘Impressions of Melbourne’, both in 2014), followed by a collaboration with classical guitarist Matthew Fagan (2015's 'Solstice'). Daniel soon caught the attention of Alan Kogosowski and Allan Zavod, and is a protege to both masters of the instrument.

Beyond the stage, Tucceri has recorded for soundtracks, charities and countless Australian bands. He is also the current house pianist for sessions at Goatsound and Incubator Studios and has also performed on ABC Radio and television.

Daniel accompanies Melbourne singer-songwriter Brian Henry Hooper for all live performances and recordings, and Matthew Fagan for their 'Solstice' project. Previously, he has accompanied Rev Kriss Hades (Sadistik Exekution) and collaborated with Mick Harvey, Kim Salmon and Hugo Race.

Outside of piano, Daniel also currently sings and plays guitar for Melbourne band LIMNAL, and heads the Melbourne Drone Orchestra with Piers Morgan.

Daniel is endorsed by Wertheim Pianos proudly uses their Euro Series WE133 Model.

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