Daniele Buatti

  • BMus (Piano performance)

I am a highly diverse and highly skilled teacher of music. With a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance, I'm able to teach across a wide array of different musical subjects. Including:

  • Piano
  • Music Theory
  • Musicianship
  • Jazz harmony and theory
  • Arranging & Orchestration

I'm a passionate and caring Music Director based in Melbourne. I am a highly skilled pianist, arranger and work extensively as a voice coach and piano teacher with developing performers. I have a great passion in working with the voice and love to combine my knowledge of yoga to help performers unlock their unique sound.

I hold a great passion for helping artists express themselves and take unique and holistic approach to the voice, connecting breath, body and mind to help create an embodied performance.

My Philosophy

At the heart of creating sound, is a willingness to express.


I believe that expression only happens when the thought arises to express. I wish to help people connect with their body and voice, in order to convey a deeply and truly embodied character.

With a therapeutic approach to the voice, each student can expect to not only inform the characters they are portraying, but to also gain a better understanding of their own mannerisms, expressions and thoughts.

My goal is help students connect with their body and their breath in order to create a healthy and embodied sound.

89 Carroll Crescent
Glen Iris, VIC
0424 174 067


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