Dave Brennan - Dj and music production Tutor

  • Degree in Music Production

Fun and easy practical Music Production with Ableton or Logic x Lessons & more, that are suitable for complete beginners through to advanced taught by an expert who’s taught for 20 years.

Popular less on options often requested

• Dj lessons absolute beginners to advanced 1-2-1 with latest state of the art pioneer Gear

• Learn how to make a (good) track from beginning to end and all the processors in between.

• Develop existing material of your own further - better mix, sounds, structure, make more exciting, etc.

• Develop your music into a live set with your own particular set up/equipment.

▪ Song writing - structure, lyrics, chords, vocal melody, instrument & sound choice.

▪ Learn a particular genre/artist inside out and how to emulate it yourself.

▪ Dissect a track that you like, learn exactly how it was made.

▪ Developing your own style and traps to avoid

▪ Learn the very basics of Ableton from the very ground up.

▪ How to professional record vocals and process them

▪ How to use effects to make your tracks sound professional

▪ Mixing and mastering

▪ Automation

▪ Drum groups - Send FX

▪ Recording vocals


▪Using your own sounds in Drum Racks

▪Ableton midi and Audio FX

▪Compression Techniques

▪Learning Sampler, Operator, Analog and Colison

▪ 3rd party plugin and FX

▪ Last but not least. Finishing your track :)

I am also very Happy to tailor make a course around what you would like to learn and achieve.

About me

I have been teaching music production for 20 years now and dj for almost 30 years Globally in top clubs in Australia,Uk,Ibiza,Brazil,Europe,US and Asia

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Blue card certified Teacher.

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