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Dave Goodman Music was established in 2014 by Dave Goodman (PhD) to provide drum lessons, and grew within 12 months to be cited in DRUMscene - Australia's #1 drumming magazine - as 'one of Australia's leading independent drumset & percussion schools'​.

Dave brings over twenty years of teaching experience from previous appointments at prominent institutions such as Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His vision for teaching is:

"To help aspiring drummers to realistically evaluate and improve their own rate of progress over time by establishing and adhering to a regular practise routine that includes technique, repertoire, improvisation, and performance studies"​

Drum lessons with Dave take place at his studio in Berowra Heights on Sydney's Upper North Shore or over Skype, and are based upon the principle of promoting learner-centred, self-determined learning - helping you progress toward what you want to learn. This means that, whilst lessons are drawn from hundreds of different subject areas, Dave understand that you are unique, requiring a tailored yet dynamic course to suit your specific needs and wants, which are entirely different from the needs and wants of any other learner. Studying at with Dave can help you to develop advanced repertoire, improvisation, aural skills, sight reading, coordination & technique.

Berowra Heights, NSW
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