Drum Lessons

Styles Jazz, Commercial, Improvisation (across genres)
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Tertiary, Post-Graduate
Suitability Ages 12 to 35 years
Pricing $95/hr + GST

• Dave brings over twenty years of teaching experience from previous appointments at prominent institutions such as Sydney Conservatorium of Music.​
• Dave will help you develop advanced technique, musicianship, repertoire, improvisation, aural skills, sight reading, coordination, and general knowledge.
• Lessons are drawn from hundreds of different subject areas, and Dave understands that you're unique, requiring a tailored yet dynamic course to suit your specific needs and wants, which are entirely different from the needs and wants of anyone else.
• Lessons are based upon the principle of promoting learner-centred, self-determined learning - helping you progress toward what you want to learn in addition to what Dave determines you need to learn.

"Dave taught my son for over 18 months after a recommendation from John Morrison. Not only is he a master drummer but a wonderful teacher who inspired my son to achieve his dreams. He has a tremendous ability to make others believe in their ability. You would not find a better drum educator."
D. Brown, Belrose, Sydney, Australia

"As one of the most informed and amazing drumming minds of Australia, Dr Goodman has put in a LOT of work to spread the wonderful word of the drums...To study with this man was a life changing event for me. Still he continues to strive harder and provide priceless contributions to Australian and overall drumming that transcends genres."
Ed Rodrigues, Sydney, Australia

"I was fortunate to study drums with Dave Goodman in my time at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2001 while undertaking a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance). The main thing that set Dave apart from my other instrumental teachers I studied with was that I felt, for the first time in my musical studies, that I had a mentor that I could discuss issues with rather than just learn a universal system in which may have worked for themselves. He was able to help me work out how to get my own voice on the instrument and work out the physical techniques and mental techniques that I required to be a functioning musician both at the Con and outside the Con."
James Waples, Sydney, Australia

Berowra Heights, NSW

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Details last updated: July 2, 2019