Cello Lessons

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Skill Level Beginner-Advanced
Pricing $70 p.h

Everyone wants to have a memorable experience with a musical instrument. Do you want to enjoy maintaining exceptional skills to play your music for your friends and families while having a full time job? A lot of people give up not because they are think they are not talented but really, they have responsibilities such as families and work. I, David have managed to deliver an exceptional teaching program which will allow you to both continue your job and also learn the CELLO at stress-free environment.

Years of refining my teaching practices allow me to effectively present you with:

  • A firm foundational understand of the principles of cello playing. Understanding these, I will guide you effectively to produce beautiful, flexible and effective playing.

  • An effective approach to understand the musical elements which include rhythm, pitch, phrasing.

  • I can offer insight on choosing the best instrument for you as well as advice on maintaining a vibrant condition in yourself as well as your instrument

-Encouraging and cultivating a passion in expressing oneself emotionally and using the cello to channel it out.

I enjoy teaching music as a universal language of expressing oneself in any style that feels right for you; whether that be Baroque or Pop!

8 Raymond St
Birkdale, QLD
0430 723 488
South Brisbane, QLD
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0430 723 488
St Lucia, QLD
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