David Harris Composition and Music Theory

Styles Classical, Experimental, Song writing, Counterpoint, Theory
Skill Level Advanced
Suitability Ages 10 to 80 years
Pricing $35 per half an hour, $65 per hour

David Harris
Music Composition Tutoring
Music Theory & History
Classical & Pop
For all Students

Choose your musical style and I will broaden your understanding of that style and open many new musical possibilities up for you.

Benefit from my extensive experience – 30 years of teaching composition at Tertiary Level
And learn how to:

• Come up with musical ideas
• Develop and expand musical ideas
• Deal with diverse musical material from the noisiest to the angelic
and everything in between
• Re-contextualise musical material
• Write melodies
• Write countermelodies
• Understand the rules of counterpoint
• Understand harmony and harmonic progressions
• Learn about rhythm and how to develop and expand rhythmic ideas
• Write for a wide range of instruments idiomatically
• Orchestrate (how to combine sounds together well)
• Articulate your music to give it greater impact
• Notate your music precisely making it as easily understandable
by a performer
• And learn about music history from 9th Century Gregorian Chant to now

I have had a career spanning 30 years as a composer and tertiary music educator. I've lectured music theory, history, designed and ran creative workshops at a number of levels in Degree and VET courses at the Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide and the Flinders Street School of Music TAFESA. I also specialize in working with Aboriginal students having tutored at CASM (Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music), University of Adelaide.

David Harris B.Mus Hons
mob: 0417 864 140

Clifton Hill, VIC
Travelling in the local area
0417 864 140

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