David Sue Yek

  • Masters Education
  • Grad.Diploma Education
  • B.mus (Hons) QLD Con
  • A.mus.a

Maryborough QLD, and Harvey Bay area.

I am able to provide lessons for students interested in developing their musical talent and knowledge of music theory. I focus on developing a good sound, playing in tune and good rhythm. My private lessons are well suited for individuals who require good attention during lessons and may have been learning in groups before.

I can prepare students for AMEB exams and work on orchestral music during lessons. In 2012 I also prepared an orchestra of 60 cellists from around the Gold Coast. It was a very fun event, and everyone got to meet each other and eat a huge cello cake!

I have been teaching cello for the past 10 years.

I was a former co-principal cellist of Brisbane Philharmonic.
Also available for gigs and concerts.

I started playing the cello when I was at primary school. I found it to be something I was good at and always wanted to learn more songs. Mum came to many of my lessons and started to learn the cello too. She helped me sit down and practice and sign off on my practice chart. She helped me get a good routine going. I played a lot of Irish tunes as well as many of the classics like the Four Seasons, Lord of the Dance and also the Can-Can. I think what really got me hooked on the classical sound was when I was about 11 or 12 my dad went on a Qantas flight out West. On those rural flights they used to have really good quality headphones that passengers could keep. My Dad kept a pair and lovingly gave them to me as a present when he got back. I then listened to Mum's recording of Vivaldi every night for a month as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep.


Parent Paula Walsh from Varsity College says:
"My daughter Michelle has been playing the Cello for many years through her school program. We decided to get private lessons to help Michelle advance in her playing and technical abilities. Within a very short time we could hear and see a huge difference in Michelle's playing. She has become a much more confident cellist. David came highly recommended by many other parents at Michelle's school. I would highly recommend David for music lessons. He is very encouraging and made the lessons fun and interesting."

Parent Emiko Matsuzaki from Coomera says :

Adult beginner Carmel Mahaffey says:
I am a mature age lady and decided to learn the cello as an interest and a challenge. David has provided me with a learning programme suitable to my ability and needs. After only a few months, I am very pleased with my progress and can recommend David as a patient and talented teacher.

Dr Donna Sian Eng says:
David sparked my interest in playing the cello again after I gave it up for a few years. It requires a lot of effort to play the cello well - it is especially challenging getting myself to practice after work as a doctor, but David has continually managed to motivate me to practice through stirring my passion for the music the cello can produce. I hope to develop my cello-playing skill to be as versatile as David under his guidance.

Maryborough, QLD
0413 782 886
Harvey Bay, QLD
Travelling in the local area
0413 782 886


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