David's guitar studio.

Styles Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Fusion, Contemporary, soul, funk and R&B.
Skill Level beginner to advanced.
Pricing $45 an hour.

I can help you attain what you want to achieve in guitar playing and also help you in areas that you are having problems with, and need correction. I can teach you songs that you would like to learn and other guitar skills and theory. We can learn the finer points of guitar playing such as chord progression, scales/modes, music theory, improvisation, guitar techniques, song writing. I am an experienced musician and have played in numerous bands and performances. I have been playing for 9 years and have experience with many types of genres such as rock, blues, Jazz, Fusion, Latin, country, metal, classical, acoustic, soul and much more and can help you attain different styles of playing through these genres. Bachelor of music 3rd year.

Collingwood Street
Drummoyne, NSW
0433 695 709

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Details last updated on April 12, 2013