Dean's Music Lessons

Hi, I'm Dean - I've been a music teacher for more than 8 years - for school kids, uni students, adults, parents.. whoever loves music and wants to learn something new or refresh their skills.

Basically I believe that people will want to learn (and practice) if they like the music they are playing - so I tend to teach songs depending on the student's preferences.

*** I offer one free 30 min lesson as a trial for new students.

As well as a teacher I'm a professional musician - I play gigs all around Brisbane. I don't believe music theory has to be boring so I teach practical lessons - you'll be playing songs before you know it - but I teach theory that you can use. (Ever wanted to have a jam in the key of G but never understood how? You'll be able to speak the language and use theory to even further your musicality with my help).

I teach on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons so send me an email, text, or call me to work out a time. I teach from my music room in Coorparoo.

If learning guitar is something you've always wanted to learn, or its a new passion, let me know and we can work out a time.

Coorparoo, QLD
0437 822 587


Details last updated on March 9, 2016