Dennis Deng

Please click above link for one of my students, it is about 8th AMEB

• Australia Music Teacher Register
• AMEB Register
• Victoria MTA Register
• Equivalent ABRMS
• Diploma of Music Performance of TOHO University.

Key Strengths
• Study plans depend on one’s conditions and levels
• High efficient and patience to instruct students
• Provide students the opportunities about attend ensemble, solos, competitions, or join bands / orchestras
• Service also available to the community with multi-cultural background in 3 languages – English, Japanese and Chinese

Academic Studies
• Research Subject [ The Psychology of self-confidence about Brass playing] project request by **MCM & VCA
• Academic Writing [ How to appropriately using breath for beginner Brass player]
• Translation of Literature [ Completed system Trumpet Course]

Professional History
• Guest Trumpet Player for Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
• Principal Trumpet Player of Whitehorse Symphony Orchestra
• Solo Cornet player of Stonington City Brass
• Principal Trumpet Player of Jiangsu Province Symphony Orchestra

With over 20 years of playing & teaching experience, students will be systematically trained in conservatory method from beginners up to professional level so as to achieve their high standard with excellent accomplishments. Specializes in AMEB, VCE, musicianship and aural development.

26 Box Hill Crescent
Melbourne East, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0422 838 618


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