Des Watson Contemporary Piano

Since 2003 I have been a teacher / enroller within the AMEB 'Piano for Leisure' Examination Syllabus. 'Piano for Leisure' presents my students with the opportunity to explore and play excellent graded piano arrangements of Popular Modern music, movie, and theatre stage. The Syllabus also includes a solid content of masterworks from the Classical tradition.
This wide selection of pieces from Preliminary grade through to Grade 8 piano sets the foundation for me to prepare my students for their playing future. My vision is one of them having acquired the skills and creative ability to perform a broad repertoire as a pianist, whether in a professional career, school performances or entertaining friends and family.
This is the reason I am so passionate about the AMEB Series!

If a student prefers to not have the pressure of grade exams I am completely fine with that. For these students the lessons can be focused towards the genre / style of music and piano playing the student aims to achieve.
Lessons are given on an RX 2 Kawai acoustic grand piano.

My personal background spans 40 years of piano teaching and piano performance as an accompanist for solo and group singers, as well as playing in an ensemble setting.
Developing a music arranging skill has been an essential part of my performance strategy during my career.

I give lessons on jazz piano improvisation if required.
I welcome young beginners, late teenage beginners, and mature age beginners.
I'm happy to discuss any quiries you have re lessons / times.
Call me now. mobile 0412933734

26 Broadmoor Street
Kenmore Hills, QLD
0412 933 734 or (07) 3374 3943


Details last updated on January 14, 2021