Devon Bayer

Hi, my name is Devon and I’m an experienced guitar and singing teacher looking to help you find your voice and your passion for music.

A Little Bit About Me:

I am currently the lead singer and guitarist of a local rock band. We play gigs quite frequently around Perth and have toured nationally a few times now. Our songs have been played on many national radio stations and I have played with some of the biggest bands in the industry!

I have recently decided to start teaching again and to take on a few private students. I have a busy schedule but I am flexible when it comes to the needs of my students.

Session Overviews:

Singing lessons: We will focus on breathing, posture and technique. I will help you find your voice and work towards improving your tone, range and projection.

Guitar lessons: We will work together to improve your technique, style and build your repertoire of chords. I will teach you how to better understand the guitar and improve your music knowledge.

Songwriting: I will provide advice and help you write parts, lyrics and melodies for your original compositions. I can share with you my experience on how best to channel your creativity to find your own sound. I can also help you prepare for your auditions or performances by giving you tips to improve your stage presence, confidence and charisma.

Details last updated on March 11, 2016