Dezi K

  • Bachelor of Music Degree Conservatorium Of Music Vocals.
  • 19 Years Experience
  • International Toured Vocalist for 10 Years

Vocal Coach: Dezi K
Phone: 0406604434
Education: Graduated 1999- 2004 Queensland
Conservatorium Of Music
On the TV SHOW: THE VOICE 2019

Degree: Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz/Contempory Vocals

Teaching Experience:

19 years of teaching privately one on one clients of all ages and styles except classical and opera.

2 Years teaching at Music Spot Education: One on one vocal classes

Have subbed in for various vocal coaches for sing and dancing schools around Brisbane

2 Years teaching at Clayfield College one on one vocal lessons with all ages

Styles Teach: Every style except classical and opera.

Ages I teach: Usually Age 13 to 100 but can teach younger if needed.

Levels: I teach beginners to advanced clients.

I teach
Vocal Posture,
Learning how to get your full vocal range with
chest voice,
speech quality voice lower register and clean high register,
Falsetto Range
Tongue Placement
Vowel Shapes
Vocal Colouring
How to direct a song vocally
Pedagogy: Learning muscles inside that are working while using difference singing techniques
How to read a vocal chart
How to warm up the voice
How to keep the voice healthy
Learning about oro,nazo pharynx
How to mix your own voice
Skills on how to perform and work a crowd
How to hold long notes
How to get colours for a rock voice healthy
How to be able to sing any style and sound good at it.
Learn how to belt and not loose your voice
Teach soft onset, simultaneous flow fonation and glottal attack.
If a rapper, how to accent on words to make it flow.

I cater to the client on what they are wanting to do and structure the lessons to fit what they are wanting as vocals is a personal thing and I want them to grow and get results every lesson.
And I can safely say from many years of experience I can achieve any goal the clients desires if I teach them the tools and they practise it.

Burleigh Heads, QLD


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