Didi Mudigdo

  • Ass. Dip. Jazz Studies (Sydney Conservatorium of Music)

I offer personalized jazz piano lessons, bass lessons and singing lessons from my studio in Perth, Australia. Come and have a listen to my recordings on my website, or check out my bio below to have an idea of what I teach. If you are then interested in lessons, please contact me on lessons@didi.com.au or (08) 6102 0525.

What I Offer

As a full-time musician who has performed live and toured Australia, Japan, China and Southeast Asia since the 90s, my teaching includes real-life practical performance skills learnt from the school of hard gigs. A graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium, I can also provide you with a pedagocically sound foundation in jazz/pop harmony and improvisational skills.

(Bonus: as a trained multi-instrumentalist, I can be your sparring partner as well as teacher, whether you study piano, bass or vocals.)


I am a music teacher based in Perth Australia with over 25 years of performance experience.

  • Graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium (Jazz Studies/Electric Bass)

  • Bassplayer for TJ Eckleberg, Gotham City Horns and Wendy Anggerani

  • Participated in vocal workshops by Betty Carter, Mark Murphy & Kurt Elling

  • Accompanied for Sydney Conservatorium jazz vocal classes 1997 - 2005

  • Performed as piano-vocalist in jazz festivals & venues in Australia, Japan, China & Southeast Asia 2000 - 2011

  • Piano-accompanist for Bobby Taylor (USA), Gregg Arthur (Australia), Juliet Pang (Singapore), Jasmine Chen (China), Sherly O (Indonesia)


Early Years

My parents parents arrived in Australia from Indonesia in the 1960's as part of the Colombo Plan scholarship programme. Born in Melbourne to a musical family, my father taught me three-chord ukulele songs when I was seven. I had a wandering childhood, living in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia before the age of 12. I started my first 'jazz band' in 1985, the same year I started studying jazz at Forum Musik Jack & Indra Lesmana in Jakarta.

Sydney Start

In Sydney, I majored in jazz electric bass at the Sydney Conservatorium where at the time the jazz department was lead by the late US trumpet master Dick Montz. Soon after graduation, I was a jazz piano accompanist at the Sydney Four Seasons from 2000 to 2005. In this post, I played with and learned from Sydney's top bassplayers and music educators Craig Scott (ex. Joe Henderson, Lee Konitz, Nat Adderly) and Gary Holgate (ex. Randy Brecker, Mark Murphy, Annie Ross), accompanying the likes of Gregg Arthur and Katrina Rettalick. In the education field, I accompanied teachers and students of workshops and masterclasses held at the Sydney Conservatorium by leading jazz vocal educators Pamela Knowles, Joy Yates, and Nicky Crayson.

Working primarily as a singer accompanist, I eventually developed an interest in singing myself, and studied jazz vocals under Kerrie Biddell. I also took part in workshops and masterclasses by US jazz vocalists Betty Carter, Mark Murphy, and Kurt Elling.

Meanwhile, the bass highlights of my 17 years in Sydney were playing in TJ Eckleberg's band alongside Reza Achman, Wendy Anggerani's jazz fusion band Tembang and touring Asia/New Zealand with 9-piece disco covers band Gotham City Horns alongside a rotation of drummers Andrew Massey, Glenn Wilson and Dave Hatch.

Adventures in Asia

In 2005, I left Australia for China as part of Nikki Doll and The Voodoo Blue along with bassist Rowan Lane and drummer Abdoulaye Lefevre for a 6-month engagement in Shanghai and Beijing. After this, I stayed on in Asia and continued touring the region as a piano-vocalist for several years. A highlight of my Asian travels was performing at the 2007 Sapporo Jazz Festival in Japan with Dave Goodman (drums) and Kyo Kitagaki (bass). While abroad, I continued to put my jazz piano accompaniment skills to good use, backing ex. Motown singer Bobby Taylor in Beijing, Shanghai jazz singer Jasmine Chen and Indonesian jazz singer Sherly O.

Perth via Sydney and Asia

Returning to Sydney in 2009, I met the wonderful Singaporean jazz singer-songwriter Juliet Pang at a jazz open mic. We formed the popular ukulele duo Polkadot + Moonbeam and piano duo Mint Street, and were based from 2011 in Singapore, from which we toured Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Juliet and I married in Singapore in 2013, and in 2016 settled in Perth Australia as music educators, sharing our extensive music performance experience and expertise with our students.

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