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Steve Burch. A.Mus.A. - Blackburn North, VIC
Styles - Rock,Pop, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Classical
Hello and Pleased to meet you! I hope that I can help you on your musical journey. I have been teaching Acoustic and Electric Guitar (also Electric Bass and Ukulele) to people of all ages from beginner through to advanced, for over...
(03) 9894 0780 or 0419 110 516
Erica Bramham Music Studio - Balaclava, VIC
Mellanie Shaylor School of Music - Hawthorn, VIC
Styles - Classical & Modern
Because of the strength required to hold and play a guitar, we accept students from ages 7+ Regardless of your background and age, you can have an active role in deciding what and how the lesson program will run. Classical...
Contact - Mellanie Shaylor
0404 102 615
Adam Halliwell - Preston, VIC
Leaders of Rock - Doncaster, VIC
Styles - Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Blues, Funk
Learning the guitar opens the doors to creativity and passion for music. We love and breathe the guitar, and are life-long learners and teachers of the instrument. To find out more about our guitar lessons, please visit:...
0424 496 550
Henry Davis - Richmond, VIC
Styles - Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Blues, Metal, Funk, Pop, Classical
Hi Guitarists! Lessons open to all ages and skill levels, tailored to each student with an emphasis on developing well rounded skills required to play music both solo and in a group setting. My aim as a teacher is to make the...
0400 950 246
Nadia Sartori Classical Guitar lessons - Nth Balwyn, VIC
Sabrina Surace (VCA/UniMelb) - Camberwell, VIC
Styles - Classical, Jazz, Modern
Have you ever wanted to learn guitar with an enthusiastic and exciting teacher. Well you have come to the right studio. At VSPA you will learn guitar in an easy, fun environment, learning songs YOU want to play all while teaching you the...
0402 884 232
Andrew Shields - Balwyn North, VIC
Styles - Blues, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Acoustic, Electric
I've been playing guitar for 20 years and teaching for 12 years. I am a patient and positive teacher with loads of experience, both in teaching and performing. My goal for my students is to inspire in them a love of music and playing,...
0432 686 373
Curtis Reardon - Rosanna, VIC
Troy Male Guitar Studio - Balaclava, VIC
Styles - Modern, Rock, Blues, Fingerpicking
Want to learn the songs you hear on the radio? Nervous about playing in front of a teacher? Well don't be....I have just opened a new studio on Kipling St Balaclava, and am keen to meet you! If you're just starting out on guitar and...
0408 124 831
Paul Smith - Glen Iris, VIC
Styles - Rock, Metal, Folk, Funk, Jazz
Paul Smith has been providing guitar lessons in Melbourne since 2011 and is currently teaching in the Glen Iris and Ashburton areas. Lessons cater for all ages and skill levels across a variety of popular styles of music so, whether...
0424 160 996
Rory Hale - Caulfield North, VIC
Styles - Classical
There are many advantages of learning the classical guitar: Become a versatile musician, capable of jumping into many different styles. The ability to read music fluently. Understanding music theory and developing the tools for...
0401 219 360
Kimberly W. Y. Mak - Canterbury, VIC
Styles - Classical, Jazz, Modern, Acoustic
Update: 2017 Introductory Offer $80 Kimberly Mak Music Studio is now offering guitar lessons. Lessons will be conducted by Julia Bakowski in our studio in Canterbury. All ages are welcome. An annual soirée will be held in the studio...
Marcos Villalta - Northcote, VIC
Doncaster Music Centre - Doncaster East, VIC
Kate Holt - Forest Hill, VIC
David Smith - Fairfield, VIC
Oliver Paterson - Malvern, VIC
Tony Denham - Prahran, VIC
Julia Lamb - Ivanhoe, VIC
Emily Droszcz - Mount Waverley, VIC
Jethro Curtin - Fitzroy, VIC
Eamon Roy - Kew, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Box Hill, VIC
Aidan Maizels - Camberwell, VIC
Jethro Curtin - Northcote, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Alphington, VIC
Vince Hopkins - East Malvern, VIC
Matt Moras - Northcote, VIC
Pierre Jaquinot - Richmond, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Eaglemont, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Ivanhoe East, VIC
Anita Shaylor - Mellanie Shaylor School of Music - Hawthorn, VIC
Melbourne Music Lessons - Piano, Guitar, & Singing Since 2005 - Northcote, VIC
Angus Leslie - Thornbury, VIC
Wendys Music School - Rosanna, VIC
Lincoln McKenzie - Fairfield, VIC
Deco Jovanovic - Glen Huntly, VIC
Pat Lajoie - Ivanhoe, VIC
Joseph Swift - Glen Iris, VIC
Helen Begley - Surrey Hills, VIC
Catherine Prifti - Richmond, VIC
Jeremy Schiftan - Hawthorn, VIC
Leaders of Rock - Balwyn North, VIC
Matt Moras - Ashburton, VIC
Music in Mind - Hawthorn, VIC
Janielle Beh - Mitcham, VIC
Melbourne School Of Music - Mitcham, VIC
Anthony Farrugia - St Kilda, VIC
Wonnies Pty Ltd - Doncaster East, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Ivanhoe, VIC
Nicholas Roder - Thornbury, VIC
Adam Spiegl - Caulfield, VIC
Adam Ryland - Richmond, VIC
Neil Kelly - Abbotsford, VIC
Daniel Bodourian - Box Hill South, VIC
Kate Holt - Camberwell, VIC
Alexander Reely - South Yarra, VIC
Rob Ashbridge - Alphington, VIC
Dan Mamrot - Fitzroy, VIC
Josh Cohen School of Music - Malvern, VIC
Julian Dobric - Mont Albert, VIC
Elite Music Studio - Balwyn, VIC
Michael Rotondo - Kew, VIC
Ron K. Payne - Lower Templestowe, VIC
Vince Hopkins - East Malvern, VIC
Elite Music Studio - Box Hill, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Ivanhoe, VIC
Stephen Stanisic - Thornbury, VIC
Leaders of Rock - Templestowe, VIC
Richard Rose - Northcote, VIC
Oliver Packard - Northcote, VIC
Lee Parker - Northcote, VIC
Ishaan Nerurkar - Melbourne, VIC
Mitch Brown - Richmond, VIC
Edward Mountain - Macleod, VIC
Luke Huels - Murrumbeena, VIC
Arthur Xafis - Caulfield South, VIC
John Christiansen - Carlton, VIC
Denis Phelan - Preston, VIC
Edward Mountain - Fairfield, VIC
Rohan Grant - Southbank, VIC
Guitar Lessons at Your Place - Doncaster, VIC
Nelson Yeung - Doncaster East, VIC
Rowan Pattison - Melbourne Cbd, VIC
Etienne de Lavaulx - Blackburn North, VIC
Alejandro Florez - Northcote, VIC
Lincoln McKenzie - Kew, VIC
Angus Rickard - Collingwood, VIC
Neil Flavelle - Mitcham, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Templestowe Lower, VIC
Leaders of Rock - Bulleen, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Fairfield, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Heidelberg, VIC
Music in Mind - Kew, VIC
Michael D - Kew, VIC
Julian Dobric - Doncaster, VIC
Loreen Lai - Doncaster East, VIC
Pierre Jaquinot - Toorak, VIC
Brenton Williams - Blackburn, VIC
Julian Dobric - Box Hill, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Heidelberg, VIC
Lincoln McKenzie - Northcote, VIC
Rohan Hayes - Burwood, VIC
Melbourne Music Lessons - Piano, Guitar, & Singing Since 2005 - Thornbury, VIC
Elite Music Studio - Donvale, VIC
ABC Music Group - Richmond, VIC
Nerrilee Morale - Surrey Hills, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Doncaster, VIC
Isabelle Hungerford - Thornbury, VIC
Paul Dornau - Clifton Hill, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Ivanhoe East, VIC
Erica Bramham Music Studio - Caulfield, VIC
Ben Sharpe - Hawthorn, VIC
Music (in)Tuition - Northcote, VIC
Sung Loh - Collingwood, VIC
Guitar Lessons at Your Place - Kew, VIC
Nick Hermanus - Box Hill, VIC
Tamer Taskaya - Northcote, VIC
Jonathon Trevillien - Alphington, VIC
Eamon Roy - Abbotsford, VIC
ed bates - Northcote, VIC
Richard Rose - Clifton Hill, VIC
Yuri Steven - Blackburn, VIC
Emanuel Gauci-Seddon - Clifton Hill, VIC
Guitar Lessons at Your Place - Box Hill, VIC
Lincoln McKenzie - Thornbury, VIC
Darren Benjamin Music - Caulfield North, VIC
Tully Sumner - Thornbury, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Eaglemont, VIC
Will Gijsbers - Thornbury, VIC
Paul McCarthy - Mitcham, VIC
Zara Thompson - Ashburton, VIC
Paul Le - Burwood East, VIC
Martin Hemingway - Northcote, VIC
Julian Dobric - Blackburn, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Ivanhoe East, VIC
Vince Hopkins - Mount Waverley, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Fairfield, VIC
Tully Sumner - Fitzroy, VIC
Emanuel Gauci-Seddon - Clifton Hill, VIC
Andrew Church - Blackburn South, VIC
Leaders of Rock - Doncaster East, VIC
Sam Besmehn-Burt - St Kilda East, VIC
Josh Fuhrmeister - Carlton North, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Heidelberg, VIC
Leaders of Rock - Box Hill, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Heidelberg, VIC
Guitar Lessons at Your Place - Northcote, VIC
Elite Music Studio - Templestowe, VIC
Mat Creedon School of Music - North Balwyn, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Alphington, VIC
Sebastian Gavrilo - Hawthorn, VIC
Music in Mind - Toorak, VIC
Karis Hawkins - Surrey Hills, VIC
Kate Holt - Mitcham, VIC
Lincoln McKenzie - Clifton Hill, VIC
Peter Paolini - Doncaster East, VIC
Fin Strijker - Bulleen, VIC
Martin Hemingway - Fitzroy, VIC
Adam Spiegl - Balaclava, VIC
Robert Smith - Thornbury, VIC
Ross Helmot - Guitar Lessons - Box Hill South, VIC
Matt Moras - Thornbury, VIC
Tim Chambers - Richmond, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Balwyn North, VIC
Daniel Cooper Guitar Lessons - in your home! - Hawthorn, VIC
Pierre Jaquinot - Cremorne, VIC
Henry Barratt - Carnegie, VIC
Danger Custom Guitars & Music Tuition - Preston, VIC
Creative Guitar School. Melbourne Eastern Suburbs - Melbourne, VIC
Pierre Jaquinot - Prahran, VIC
John Sneddon - Northcote, VIC
Julian Dobric - Kew, VIC
Sasha Millhouse - Preston, VIC
Richard Rose - Ivanhoe, VIC
Lukas Piekarski - Glen Waverley, VIC
Kate Holt - Hawthorn, VIC
Jason Charles-Worthy - Mount Waverley, VIC
Sebastian Gavrilo - South Yarra, VIC
Glenn McCullough - Blackburn, VIC
Kevin Jones - Kew, VIC
Tim Chambers - Blackburn, VIC
Ann Metry - Balaclava, VIC
Meredith Connie - Fitzroy North, VIC
Max's Guitar Lessons - Thornbury, VIC
Erica Bramham Music Studio - Caulfield, VIC
Neil Kelly - Abbotsford, VIC
Gerry - Richmond, VIC
Han Hsiang Ong - Suburb, VIC
Melbourne Music Lessons - Piano, Guitar, & Singing Since 2005 - Fitzroy, VIC
Helen Begley - Armadale, VIC
Kimberly W. Y. Mak - Canterbury, VIC
Music in Mind - Balwyn, VIC
Fin Strijker - Kew East, VIC
The Sita School of Multi-Arts - South Yarra, VIC
Benjamin Rimerici - Abbotsford, VIC
Adam Spiegl - Malvern, VIC
Alec West - Heidelberg, VIC
Music (in)Tuition - Heidleberg, VIC
Kate Holt - Blackburn, VIC
Tim Chambers - Fitzroy, VIC
Richard Rose - Fairfield, VIC
Music in Mind - Fitzroy, VIC
Dan Mamrot - Northcote, VIC
Daniel Morabito - Alphington, VIC
Inspired Music Studio 灵感音乐学校 - Box Hill North, VIC
Sebastian Gavrilo - Richmond, VIC
Piotr Nowotnik - Carnegie, VIC
Elite Music Studio - Doncaster, VIC
Christos Georgiadis - Oakleigh East, VIC
Julian Dobric - Balwyn, VIC
Mont & Co School of Music - Northcote, VIC
Wonnies Pty Ltd - Donvale, VIC
Erica Bramham Music Studio - Balaclava, VIC
Forte School of Music, Mt Waverley - Mt Waverley, VIC
Matthew Roche - Jazz Guitar Lessons - Alphington, VIC
Shayne Chen - Richmond, VIC
Jesse Pattinson - Collingwood, VIC
Learn Guitar Today - South Yarra, VIC
Guitar Lessons at Your Place - Heidelberg, VIC
Daniel Nistico - Burwood, VIC
Richard Rose - Thornbury, VIC
Martin Koleczko - Box Hill, VIC
Neil Kelly - Abbotsford, VIC
Angus Leslie - Clifton Hilll, VIC
Paul Dornau - Northcote, VIC
voodoo child music - Surrey Hills, VIC
Ashley Griffin - Northcote, VIC
Jethro Curtin - Carlton, VIC
Matt Moras - Glen Iris, VIC
Dan Mamrot - Thornbury, VIC
Pierre Jaquinot - South Yarra, VIC

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