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Trumpet Lessons - Flemington, Victoria

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Anthony Frantz - Carlton, VIC
Styles - Classical, Jazz, Improvisation
If you have just started playing the trumpet, are an experienced student or have recently returned to playing after some years off, I can help you achieve your musical aspirations in an efficient, fun and goal orientated environment.
0433 546 647
Kensington Music Studio - Kensington, VIC
Edward Farrar - Preston, VIC
Ming Yeung LI - Brunswick West, VIC
Matthew Tubman - Melbourne, VIC
Alex Raupach - South Melbourne, VIC
Fabian Acuna - Preston, VIC
Anthony Frantz - South Yarra, VIC
Sam Lappan - Richmond, VIC
Adrian Perger - Thornbury, VIC
Ming Yeung LI - Parkville, VIC
Callum G'Froerer - Melbourne, VIC
Tanya Bethune - Thornbury, VIC
Andrew Gioia - Preston, VIC
Sydney Braunfeld - Coburg, VIC
Lex Tier - Thornbury, VIC
Jason Rolfe - Footscray, VIC
Brendan Gartland - Preston, VIC
Andrew Gioia - Thornbury, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Brunswick, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Albert Park, VIC
Star Music Academy - Carlton, VIC
Erin Y. Ellenburg - Footscray, VIC
Ian Dixon - Northcote, VIC
Rob Mattessi - Ascot Vale, VIC
Trea Hindley - Melbourne, VIC
Hannah Rundell - Kensington, VIC
Brooke Prendergast - Melbourne, VIC
Sinead Malone - Ascot Vale, VIC
Lex Tier - Northcote, VIC
Basil Byrne - Preston & West Preston, VIC
Ming Yeung LI - Southbank, VIC
Joel Ritchie - Fairfield, VIC
Hannah Rundell - North Melbourne, VIC
Basil Byrne - Thornbury, VIC
Adrian Meyer - South Yarra, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Richmond,
Anthony Frantz - Brunswick, VIC
Adrian Meyer - Port Melbourne, VIC
Hannah Rundell - Ascot Vale, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Carlton, VIC
Adrian Meyer - Southbank, VIC
Sam Lappan - Prahran, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Albert Park, VIC
Andrew Gioia - Northcote, VIC
Sam Lappan - South Yarra, VIC
Adrian Perger - Fairfield, VIC
Anthony Tropea - Essendon, VIC
Lazaro Numa - Essendon, VIC
Jeremiah Rose - Collingwood, VIC
Andrew Gioia - Coburg, VIC
ABC Music Group - Richmond, VIC
Joel Ritchie - Northcote, VIC
Kensington Music Studio - Flemington, VIC
₩M₩ Motion Music ₩M₩ - Melbourne, VIC
Allison Wright - Northcote,
Sarah Camm - Melbourne, VIC
Leah Oliver - Yarraville, VIC
Andrew Werner - Melbourne, VIC
Hannah Rundell - Flemington, VIC
Gemma Horbury - Thornbury, VIC
Adrian Perger - Northcote, VIC
Joel Ritchie - Brunswick, VIC
Joel Ritchie - Thornbury, VIC
Tung Hoi To (Kurt) - Melbourne, VIC
Tom Bunnett - Thornbury, VIC
Allison Wright - Brunswick, VIC
Liam McGorry - Coburg, VIC
Meera Fernandes - Richmond, VIC
Allison Wright - Thornbury, VIC
Bede Ford-Gaddes - Abbotsford, VIC
Martin Garrod - Melbourne, VIC
Bede Ford-Gaddes - Melbourne, VIC
Charlie Woods - Northcote, VIC
Reuben Lewis - Preston, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Richmond,
Kensington Music Studio - North Melbourne, VIC
Ken Gardner - Preston, VIC
Kensington Music Studio - Footscray, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Northcote, VIC
Raphael Hammond - Yarraville, VIC
Trea Hindley - Parkville, VIC
Sam Lappan - Cremorne, VIC
Colin McKellar - Alphington, VIC
Anthony Frantz - South Yarra, VIC
Anthony Frantz - Northcote, VIC
Matt O'Brien - Albert Park, VIC
Ming Yeung LI - Melbourne, VIC
Hannah Rundell - Brunswick, VIC
Cooper Evans - Melbourne, VIC
Connor Jenkinson - Kensington, VIC
Adrian Perger - Preston, VIC
Hannah Rundell - Moonee Ponds, VIC
Kieran Rule - Niddrie, VIC