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Drum Lessons - Kew East, Victoria

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Alex Barnard - Northcote, VIC
Drum set and Percussion lessons - South Melbourne, VIC
Styles - All styles
APA is the only place in Melbourne where students excepted into the program at the age of 5! Incredible results! Lots of fun! Learning Outcomes: - Fundamentals of technique, touch and tone production - Ability to read music - Play...
Contact - Australian Percussin Academy
0411 514 795
Jam Studio Music - St Kilda, VIC
Styles - Rock, Modern, Pop, Folk, Reggae, Blues, Country, Metal & Jazz
You've been tapping the desk at school or work, slapping your brothers head like a crash cymbal and just generally annoying people with your constant hitting of things it's time to learn the drums. At Jam Studio Music we're ready to...
0402 283 593
Ashley Davies - Prahran, VIC
Styles - a range of styles
25 years teaching experience. Played on over 65 albums, recorded for film and television soundtracks and performed with various artists in Australia and internationally. Los Angeles College of Music-Drum Fundamentals cert 1 and 2....
0415 118 390 or (03) 9391 1747
Jeremy Schiftan - Hawthorn, VIC
Darren Benjamin Drum Lessons - Professional Affordable - Caulfield North, VIC
Conor Anderson-Vague - Box Hill North, VIC
Styles - All
Looking for students of all ages wanting to learn the drums! Learn to play your favourite songs in all genres along with basic to advanced concepts in drum technique and improvisation in a home studio setting. My lessons are...
0490 102 514
Sam Wallace - East Malvern, VIC
Andrew Doo - Melbourne, Preston, VIC
Ronen Shoshan - St. Kilda, VIC
Cameron Sexton - Malvern East, VIC
Angus McKean - Melbourne, VIC
Alex Roper Music - Richmond, VIC
Daniel Brates - Preston, VIC
Gareth Thomson - Northcote, VIC
Alex Deegan- Drums Lessons! - Bundoora, VIC
David Quest - Melbourne, VIC
Music in Mind - Toorak, VIC
Emily Shaw - Melbourne, VIC
Jeremy Li - Doncaster East, VIC
Kul Singh - Melbourne, VIC
Byron Goodwin - Drum Kit Lessons - Ivanhoe, VIC
Anthony Stanislavski - Hawthorn, VIC
Byron Goodwin - Drum Kit Lessons - Brunswick, VIC
James McLean - Thornbury, VIC
1-2-1 Drum classes - Richmond, VIC
Campbell Phillips - Prahran, VIC
Martin Curmi - Hawthorn, VIC
Michael McNab - Middle Park, VIC
VLT DRUMS - Melbourne, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Doncaster, VIC
Star Music Academy - Carlton, VIC
Byron Goodwin - Drum Kit Lessons - Northcote, VIC
1-2-1 Drum classes - Kew, VIC
City of Melbourne Highland Pipe Band - Melbourne, VIC
Philip Stroud - Malvern East, WA
ABC Music Group - Richmond, VIC
Viva School of Music - Camberwell, VIC
James McLean - Bellfield, VIC
High Street Music - Preston, VIC
Christian Sella - Coburg, VIC
Dezzy McKenna - Hawthorn East, VIC
Peter Vadiveloo - Ashwood, VIC
Tom Cappola - Balwyn, VIC
Jasper Bruten - South Yarra, VIC
Silas Aiton - North Melbourne, VIC
Mady Keita - Fitzroy, VIC
Lizzie Dynon - Thornbury, VIC
Tom Bunnett - Thornbury, VIC
Martin Curmi - Canterbury, VIC
Elliott Treves - Reservoir, VIC
Music in Mind - Balwyn, VIC
1-2-1 Drum classes - Abbotsford, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Balwyn North, VIC
Maria Moles - Brunswick East, VIC
Lucien Finch - North Fitzroy, VIC
Martin Curmi - Kew, VIC
Martin Curmi - Balwyn, VIC
Martin Curmi - Camberwell, VIC
Tom Cappola - Balwyn North, VIC
Philip Stroud - Brunswick, VIC
Campbell Phillips - Camberwell, VIC
Gene du Vergier - Melbourne, VIC
Tom Cappola - Bulleen, VIC
David Hicks - Northcote, VIC
Elliott Treves - Melbourne Region, VIC
Anthony Stanislavski - Kew East, VIC
Nick Carr - Glen Iris, VIC
voodoo child music - Surrey Hills, VIC
Nick Carr - Hawthorn, VIC
James McLean - Northcote, VIC
music-a-plenty - Lower Plenty, VIC
Gareth Thomson - Carlton, VIC
Wendys Music School - Rosanna, VIC
Tom Cappola - Doncaster, VIC
Jack Naughton - Heidelberg West, VIC
Alex Roper Music - Coburg, VIC
Music in Mind - Melbourne, VIC
Mat Creedon School of Music - North Balwyn, VIC
Ed Crocker Drum School - Prahran, VIC
Tom Cappola - Templestowe, VIC
Scott Symes - Blackburn, VIC
Ronen Shoshan - Melbourne, VIC
Laura Kirkwood - Melbourne, VIC
Anthony Stanislavski - Balwyn, VIC
Byron Goodwin - Drum Kit Lessons - Coburg, VIC
Alex Roper Music - Northcote, VIC
Gareth Thomson - Fitzroy, VIC
Ronen Shoshan - Caulfield, VIC
Tom Cappola - Lower Templestowe, VIC
Liam O'Leary - Richmond, VIC
1-2-1 Drum classes - Fitzroy, VIC
Mady Keita - Melbourne, VIC
Anthony Stanislavski - Ivanhoe, VIC
1-2-1 Drum classes - Melbourne, VIC
Gareth Thomson - Brunswick, VIC
Tim Clifton - Fitzroy North, VIC
Jasper Bruten - Caufield, VIC
Nick Carr - Camberwell, VIC
Scott Stronach - Brunswick, VIC
Daniel Brates - Preston, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Heidelberg, VIC
James McLean - Fairfield, VIC
Anthony Stanislavski - Northcote, VIC
Mady Keita - Lower Templestowe, VIC
Artist Path School Of Music - Melbourne, VIC
1-2-1 Drum classes - Hawthorn, VIC
Zeke Ruckman - Brunswick, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Templestowe Lower, VIC
Music in Mind - Fitzroy, VIC
Byron Goodwin - Drum Kit Lessons - Preston, VIC
Hamish Upton - Melbourne, VIC
Anthony Stanislavski - Kew, VIC
Martin Curmi - Hawthorn East, VIC
Kein Jenkin - Collingwood, VIC
Lizzie Dynon - Richmond, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Ashwood, VIC
Alex Barnard - Melbourne, VIC
Andrew Braidner - Thornbury, VIC
Byron Goodwin - Drum Kit Lessons - Thornbury, VIC
James McLean - Ivanhoe, VIC
Simon Aarons - Blackburn, VIC
Cameron Smith - Northcote, VIC
Nick Carr - Canterbury, VIC
Jasper Bruten - Malvern East, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Melbourne, VIC
Music in Mind - Kew, VIC
Charlie Ellul - Heidelberg Heights, VIC
Philip Stroud - Fitzroy North, VIC
Jeremy Li - Hawthorn, VIC
Dayne Lawless - South Yarra, VIC
Jasper Bruten - Prahran, VIC
Steven Forss - Richmond, VIC
Lee Parker - Northcote, VIC
Chris Nash - Preston, VIC
Tyler Campbell - Mont Albert, VIC
Music in Mind - Hawthorn, VIC
Taylor Douglas - Glen Iris, VIC
Gareth Thomson - Thornbury, VIC
Ryan Williams - Coburg, VIC
Alastair McGrath-Kerr - Melbourne, VIC
Philip Stroud - Northcote, VIC
Lizzie Dynon - Preston, VIC
James McLean - Preston, VIC
Cameron Sexton - Glen Iris, VIC

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