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Bonnie Smith - Fitzroy, VIC
Cherie Boogaart - Coburg North, VIC
Styles - Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Music theatre
Discover the full potential and expressive power of your voice. Learn with a classically trained professional singer, and achieve a relaxed and natural technique. Hone your performance skills and explore interpretation through...
0411 056 773
Bonnie Smith - Preston, VIC
NIDA GRADUATE - The Mac Project Studio - Richmond, VIC
Styles - All styles
Run by NIDA graduate MaryAnne 'Mac' McCormack. I am a Vocal/Speech/Acting/Accent & Creative Coach. I work with Artists, creatives & women in business. 0409 387 274. Vocal, Acting and Dialect Coaching...
Mellanie Shaylor School of Music - Hawthorn, VIC
Styles - Modern
Experience the magic of singing and unleash the potential of your voice in a fun and supportive environment. You will discover your voice as a powerful and unique opportunity to enhance your self-awareness and increase...
Contact - Mellanie Shaylor
0404 102 615
Elissa Rodger - Seddon, VIC
Styles - Jazz, Pop, Music Theatre, Folk,
I tailor classes to meet each student's need and interests. I have a strong experience in Jazz, Music Theatre and pop, but any other styles are welcomed and encouraged! Lessons will also include applicable music theory, Breathing,...
Troy Rainbow - Learn How to Sing - Kensington, VIC
Styles - Contemporary
Singing is not hard or scary! I teach all the techniques you need to be able to sing with class, whilst not hurting your voice. First lesson focuses on your individual tastes and the direction you want to take. I will then assess...
0437 253 593
Simon D'Aquino - Preston, VIC
Styles - Pop, Musical Theatre, Rock, R&B and Classical
Certified level 2.5 vocal instructor for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (formally speech level singing). Who is it for? Simon caters for singers of any level from those never having sung before to the professional performer...
Kate Allnutt - St Kilda East, VIC
Shimona - Melbourne, VIC
Styles - Pop, Jazz, Folk, Modern, Pop-rock, All
PERSONAL TRAINING FOR YOUR VOICE: YOUR voice is UNIQUE. So if you are looking for singing lessons that are tailored just for your needs and your voice, you've come to the right place! If you are frustrated and stuck, confused...
Erica Bramham Music Studio - Balaclava, VIC
Mellanie Shaylor School of Music - Hawthorn, VIC
Styles - Modern
Every Tuesday night, our community of vocalists get together and sing! Students work on 2 songs and learn to harmonize and sing in a group. They are so much fun and you can attend every week or on a casual basis. We offer performance...
Contact - Mellanie Shaylor
0404 102 615
Robyn Cooper-Bugg - Hawthorn, VIC
Styles - Classical, Music Theatre
Robyn Cooper-Bugg is an experienced professional singer and performer in opera, music theatre, cabaret and in recital. She is a teacher of classical, music theatre and some contemporary repertoire. Adults and children are welcome in her...
0408 832 148 or (03) 9819 2253
Find Your Voice - Melbourne, VIC
Styles - Popular Music (Jazz, Blues, Rock), Opera, Musical Theatre, Acting, Public...
ABOUT SINGING LESSONS WITH A FIND YOUR VOICE VOCAL COACH Who can take singing Lessons? ANYONE of all ages and all skill levels. We can all learn to sing or sing better! People take singing lessons for a variety of reasons, from...
Contact - Find Your Voice
0420 812 121 or (03) 9972 6588
Jam Studio Music - St Kilda, VIC
Styles - Rock, Modern, Pop, Folk, Reggae, Blues, Country, Metal & Jazz
We all know you're a great singer in the car or the shower so now's the time to let everyone else hear your voice. With our enthusiastic teachers willing to teach you anything you'd like to learn there's no need to wait any longer. At...
0402 283 593
Blackbird Vocals - Lauren Kucera - Essendon, VIC
Styles - Contemporary Styles including Jazz, Folk, Top 100, Pop, Rock, Musical...
FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION Become more than just a singer! Blackbird Vocals prides itself in teaching students to become a well-rounded musician/performer. The home studio is a safe and calm environment where students can learn all...
Emmanuella Grace - Melbourne City, VIC
Styles - Contemporary, Jazz Rock Blues, Musical Theatre, Soul
Coaching empowers you to discover and develop your strengths to overcome your limitations. At Find Your Voice you gain access to the elite service usually only accessible to industry leaders and professional performers. Train in the...
0420 812 121
Carla Jane McCallum - Melbourne, VIC
Rebekah Luisse - North Melbourne, VIC
Styles - Classical and Contemporary
Award winning teacher with over 20 years experience. Teacher of all genres, focusing on uncovering the natural sound that is free, authentic, powerful and expressive. Developing skill and musicality to the students highest potential....
0400 681 314
Parke O'Dwyer - Malvern, VIC
Styles - All Styles
Parke offers singing lessons using the most sought after techniques in the world. These techniques have been tried and tested and are used by over 120 grammy award winners and countless actors in musical theatre, television and film. You...
Zack Curran - Prahran, VIC
Styles - Music Theatre, Pop, Rock, Jazz,
Zack is a highly sought after vocal coach and is available for private coaching in voice for actors, script analysis, scene study and singing tuition. With a diverse backgroud in Music Theatre and Theatre, Zack can provide...
+61 403 171 581
Georgie Walker - Richmond, VIC
Styles - classical, music theatre, contemporary.
Lessons may be scheduled by the Term, or on a weekly or casual basis, depending on your preference. SINGING: The students I teach range from beginner Primary school children to VCE students, to adults (even beginner-retirees!)...
0422 866 359
Treble Makers Music School Australia - Saint Kilda, VIC
Styles - All
We have an amazing introduction offer – $99 for 5 X 30 minute private lessons or why not come in and check us out and have a complimentary FREE first lesson. These offers are for a limited time. We offer music instruction for all...
Contact - Gabriel Atkinson
0402 512 648
Markus Matheis - Port Melbourne, VIC
Ailinn Amelie B.Mus (Hons) - Prahran, VIC
Chasing Sound Melbourne - Footscray, VIC
Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts - Prahran, VIC
Kate Allnutt - Ripponlea, VIC
Alex R - Melbourne Cbd, VIC
Pavithra Kameswaran - Melbourne, VIC
The Music Generation - We travel to you! Enquire now for FREE intro lesson - Melbourne, VIC
Ashley Shoup - Southbank, VIC
Kate Schmidli - South Melbourne, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Thornbury, VIC
Paige Spiers - Pascoe Vale, VIC
Josh Cohen School of Music - Malvern, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Thornbury, VIC
Brigitte Garofalo - Melbourne, VIC
The Sound Music Studios - Port Melbourne, VIC
Markus Matheis - Middle Park, VIC
Stephanie Hill - Toorak, VIC
Andrew Lees - West Melbourne, VIC
Heather Morcom - Richmond, VIC
Jensen Overend - Elwood, VIC
Catherine Rosman - Armadale, VIC
Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts - Richmond, VIC
Alexandra Ioan - Melbourne, VIC
Markus Matheis - South Melbourne, VIC
Kerrie Ann Bolton - West Preston, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Fairfield, VIC
Blackbird Vocals - Lauren Kucera - Aberfeldie, VIC
Katy Lelliott - Hawthorn, VIC
James Penn - Preston, VIC
Liz M. - Elwood, VIC
Alicia Groves - Ivanhoe, VIC
Music (in)Tuition - Northcote, VIC
Stephanie Davis - Melbourne, VIC
Natasha Close - Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy - Pascoe Vale South, VIC
Emmanuella Grace - East Melbourne, VIC
Mark McCormack - St Kilda, VIC
Jenna Stamp - North Melbourne, VIC
Cristina Ces - Melbourne, VIC
Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts - Melbourne, VIC
Vox Singing Academy - Brunswick, VIC
Emmanuella Grace - Richmond, VIC
Finn Gilheany - Ivanhoe, VIC
The Creative Music Studio - Williamstown, VIC
High Street Music - Preston, VIC
Lynette Linden - Over 30 years teaching experience - Elwood, VIC
Chelsea Wilson - Brunswick, VIC
David Butler Studio - Melbourne, VIC
Klara (Violin/Piano/Singing) - Melbourne, VIC
Darina C - Hawthorn, VIC
Sing Strong Studio - Southbank, VIC
Stephanie Crea - Niddrie, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Melbourne, VIC
Alize comerford - Melbourne, VIC
Nitida Atkinson - Melbourne, VIC
Bonnie Smith - Ivanhoe, VIC
Rosemary Cocklin - Coburg, VIC
Stephen Valeri - Brunswick East, VIC
Lee Sissing - Melbourne, VIC
Music in Mind - Hawthorn, VIC
Andrew Lees - Footscray, VIC
Alicia Egan - Northcote, VIC
Nikoll King - Maidstone, VIC
Gary Nardella - Newport, VIC
Natalie Ward - South Yarra, VIC
Anna Whitehead Music Studio - Essendon, VIC
Karla Tonkich School of Singing - Prahran, VIC
Connected Voice - Melbourne, VIC
Jacqueline Gawler - Preston, VIC
Kate Schmidli - Melbourne, VIC
Mark McCormack - Balaclava, VIC
Markus Matheis - Albert Park, VIC
Faculty of Music - Carlton, VIC
Francesca Li Donni - Caulfield North, VIC
Jeremy Kleeman - North Melbourne, VIC
Darcy Carroll - Yarraville, VIC
Full of Heart Music Studios - Moonee Ponds, VIC
Find Your Voice - Melbourne, VIC
Rose Barraclough - Northcote, VIC
Jeremy Kleeman - North Melbourne, VIC
Anna Paddick - Singing Teacher - Abbotsford, VIC
Full of Heart Music Studios - Niddrie, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Ivanhoe, VIC
Leah Oliver - Yarraville, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Ivanhoe, VIC
Jason Wasley - Melbourne, VIC
Star Music Academy - Carlton, VIC
Ximena Abarca - Coburg, VIC
Erica Bramham Music Studio - Elwood, VIC
Ola Milena - Brunswick, VIC
Julian Perry - Travancore, VIC
Juleiaah Koren-Sing/Create/Express - Brunswick, VIC
Maria Dawes Music Tuition - Braybrook, VIC
Music in Mind - Melbourne, VIC
Kristin Wegener - Kensington, VIC
Ricci Carr - Elwood, VIC
Eujin Wong - Melbourne Cbd, VIC
Jenna Stamp - Melbourne, VIC
Full of Heart Music Studios - Essendon, VIC
Kate Vigo - Thornbury, VIC
Erica Bramham Music Studio - St Kilda, VIC
Ash and Em's home studio - Coburg, VIC
Ben Allegra - Brunswick, VIC
Victoria Josephs - Prahran, VIC
James Egglestone - Yarraville, VIC
Elise Winterflood - Port Melbourne, VIC
Carmel Reeve - Newport, VIC
kelly Mahoney - Maribrynong, VIC
Crafting Creativity - Music Teaching Studio - Kew, VIC
Anna Whitehead Music Studio - Essendon, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Preston, VIC
Morgan Phillips - Southbank, VIC
Nicola Bowman - St Kilda East, VIC
Maryanne Smart - Preston, VIC
James Penn - Melbourne, VIC
Singing Lessons - Footscray - Seddon, VIC
Kate Allnutt - Balaclava, VIC
Vox Singing Academy - St Kilda, VIC
Jacinta Percy - Northcote, VIC
Lauren Gillard - Elwood, VIC
Monica Cioccia - Williamstown, VIC
Costa Di Angelo - Melbourne Cbd, VIC
Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts - North Melbourne, VIC
Bec Tilley - Brunswick West, VIC
The Sita School of Multi-Arts - South Yarra, VIC
Morgan Welch - South Yarra, VIC
Mark McCormack - Elwood, VIC
Sarah McDonald - North Fitzroy, VIC
Eilannin Black - Malvern, VIC
Melissa Riccardi - Melbourne, VIC
Music in Mind - Fitzroy, VIC
Vox Singing Academy - Brunswick, VIC
Francesca Li Donni - St Kilda, VIC
Gary Soloman - Brunswick, VIC
Emily Paddon-Brown - Coburg, VIC
David Butler Studio - Brunswick, VIC
David Wisken - Windsor, VIC
Sallee Chatfield Vocal Mentor - St Kilda East, VIC
Allegri-Music lessons in Piano, Violin, Guitar, Singing, Drums, Viola and Cello - Moonee Ponds, VIC
Jenna Stamp - Parkville, VIC
Markus Matheis - Melbourne, VIC
Amanda Canzurlo - Elwood, VIC
Full of Heart Music Studios - Pascoe Vale South, VIC
Music in Mind - Toorak, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Fairfield, VIC
Singing Lessons - Footscray - Yarraville, VIC
Armstrong's School of Singing - Kew, VIC
Sarah Whitteron - Northcote, VIC
Yianna - Richmond, VIC
Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts - South Melbourne, VIC
The Music Generation - We travel to you! Enquire now for FREE intro lesson - Melbourne, VIC
Mel O'Neill - Coburg, VIC
Markus Matheis - Southbank, VIC
Alexandra Ioan - Richmond, VIC
Felicity Baldock - Melbourne, VIC
Lauren Gillard - St Kilda, VIC
Zachary Lazarevski - Melbourne, VIC
Kat Hunter - Prahran, VIC
Extraordinary Kids singing dance drama - Deepdene, VIC
Ella Thompson - Coburg, VIC
Lauren Gillard - South Melbourne, VIC
Meg Nelson - Southbank, VIC
Michael Westlake Music School - Elwood, VIC
Isabelle Hungerford - Thornbury, VIC
Teresa Duddy - Alphington, VIC
Full of Heart Music Studios - Aberfeldie, VIC
Bonnie Smith - Northcote, VIC
Francesca Li Donni - Balaclava, VIC
Kate Lumsden - Pascoe Vale, VIC
Andrea Soyer - Kew, VIC
Amanda Canzurlo - Yarraville, VIC
Jane Patterson - Thornbury, VIC
Danielle Gawler - Coburg, VIC
Jess Phillippi - Brunswick East, VIC
Harry Callahan - Carlton, VIC
Emily Bennett - Preston, VIC
Ben Allegra - Ascot Vale, VIC
Extraordinary Kids singing dance drama - Ivanhoe, VIC
Piera Dennerstein - Essendon, VIC
Music in Mind - Kew, VIC
Melanie - Prahran, VIC
Elizabeth Wei - Melbourne, VIC
Evan Pugh - South Yarra, VIC
NIDA GRADUATE - The Mac Project Studio - Melbourne, VIC
Phoebe Deklerk - Flemington, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Preston, VIC
Vox Singing Academy - St Kilda, VIC
Kattimoni Beames - Footscray, VIC
Sian Williams - Melbourne, VIC
Rodney Steven Gilbert - Ascot Vale, VIC
Susan Hull - Brunswick West, VIC
Full of Heart Music Studios - Essendon North, VIC
Andrew Lees - Parkville, VIC
Artist Path School Of Music - Melbourne, VIC
Francesca Li Donni - Armadale, VIC
Rachel Andrews - Maribyrnong, VIC
Brooke Russell - Preston, VIC
Mel O'Neill - Brunswick, VIC
Sallee Chatfield Vocal Mentor - St Kilda East, VIC
Séb Mont - St.kilda, VIC
Singing Lessons - Footscray - Footscray, VIC
Ian Nisbet - Brunswick, VIC
Sophie Weiss - Carlton, VIC
Thando Sikwila - Travancore, VIC
Mark McCormack - Port Melbourne, VIC
Ella Pagano - Essendon, VIC
Viva Voce with Emma Walsh - Fitzroy, VIC
Lillian Albazi - Melbourne, VIC
Katherine Dolphin - South Yarra, VIC
Barnaby Reiter - South Yarra, VIC
Alexi Kaye - Carlton North, VIC
Vox Office Music Tuition - Melbourne, VIC
Opera lessons only. Skype Lesson and in person - Melbourne, VIC
Alyson Murray - Williamstown, VIC
Stephanie Wall - Windsor, VIC
Rhia Ploumidis - Coburg, VIC

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