Styles General, blues, jazz
Skill Level Beginner to intermediate
Pricing $30

Improvisation lessons cover the essential knowledge and skills that every student of music needs to be become a competent improviser. All lessons are immediately applied to the guitar in a practical context. Lessons typically begin by introducting a student to playing over a single key using one scale and using one concept at a time in a layered fashion, such as: playing musically up a scale; using space to phrase ideas, thinking melodically; timing and accurate placement of notes; dynamics and expressive articulations.

Once a student has good command of one key, multiple key improvisation beginning with two keys in a modal and non modal context is introduced. At a more advanced level, concepts such as targeting chord tones, common tones, and using different scale types are taught. This is a course that can be as simple or comprehensive as you like, beginning with baby steps.

22 Follett Street
Scullin, ACT
Contact Don
0415 795 525

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Details last updated on February 17, 2018