Donna Magrath Singing Piano Recording

  • Bachelor of Music Studies
  • B.Mus.St
  • A.Mus.A

Donna Magrath provides singing tuition and piano tuition in the Redlands and Bayside area. Students are encouraged to develop their musicianship and theory skills not only by learning the fundamentals of music in a safe and encouraging environment but also by composing their own music and recording it, either solo piano, solo singing or a combination of both. Donna's studio is the only teaching studio in the Redlands which has a fully professional recording capability and is also equipped with music video making facilities including green screen.

Musical development is enhanced through a positive reinforcement programme specifically designed to eliminate the usual development of anxiety around performing that affects musicians who undertake training through the standard industry method. This is targetted from the very first lesson and has proven to be successful time after time.

24 Law Place
Alexandra Hills, QLD
(07) 3824 2311


Details last updated on June 18, 2017