Donna Ng

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Master in Teaching
  • piano)
  • Diploma of Music (Performance
  • voice)

Donna is a professional musician, pianist, singer and songwriter. Music is her passion and her life. Donna loves sharing her passion of music with everyone and provides lessons with much enthusiasm. Donna seeks to uncover the art, beauty and construction of music and she wishes to impart this knowledge to her students. Donna is a committed teacher and tailors her lessons to the needs of individual students.

Donna offers private piano lessons to children, adolescents and adults, from absolute beginners to the advanced. She is a qualified and experienced piano teacher and holds a Bachelor Degree in Piano, majoring in contemporary keyboard; a Diploma in Music majoring in contemporary vocal studies and a Masters in Teaching with a focus on primary education. She has over 10 years teaching experience and believes in providing enjoyable and informative lessons.

Donna aims to create a fun learning environment that encourages creativity in her lessons. Donna specialises in teaching her students the fundamentals of music and emphasises the importance of understanding the basic elements of music (ie. reading, music theory and aural skills). Donna also develops practical aspects of piano playing skill and technique, and introduces aural skills into the lesson so as to provide a rounded and dynamic music session. In addition, Donna consults with each student to plan and develop individualised lessons to suit their specific needs.

Donna’s overarching philosophy stems from the belief that when students understand the basics of music theory and utilise their aural perception in both practical senses, they will have the foundations of music, be able to apply their knowledge to other contexts and/or styles of music and ultimately become self-sufficient musicians.

Details last updated on September 27, 2017