Dr Azadeh Atri

  • PhD
  • BA (First Class Honours)

For the past twelve years I have been teaching piano at primary schools and have also enjoyed teaching students at my home studio since 2004. My teaching style is one of encouragement and support and I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and furthering my teaching experience. I love helping students on their musical journey whether they are preparing for the AMEB exams or simply developing a love for playing.

I completed my Bachelor of Music degree at the Australian National University where I took piano lessons from Arnan Wiesel. Throughout my studies, I have participated in lessons and master-classes with Geoffrey Tozer, Geoffrey Lancaster, Geoffrey
Saba, John Luxton and many others.

My passion for teaching led me to compose piano pieces of pedagogic intent for my Honours degree. I completed the Honours degree with Professor Larry Sitsky in 2009 and received First Class Honours. These compositions can be found in the ANU and NLA websites: https://openresearch-repository.anu.edu.au/handle/1885/8989, http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/164774435?q&versionId=179617992. These pieces set out to work on some of the principles of the piano technique.
Apart from piano pedagogy, my other research interests include the music of the avant-garde composers, music analysis and art/music teachers’ professional development. I am also passionate about literature, poetry and philosophy. Some of my essays and essay-type short stories, titled Deliriums, have been published in 2018.

I have recently completed my doctoral studies at the ANU School of Music under the supervision of Professor Sitsky. In my PhD thesis I focused on piano compositions of the Russian avant-garde composer, Nikolai Obukhov.

My exam-students have consistently achieved excellent results in their AMEB piano exams. The following shows some of the comments that AMEB examiners made on my students’ playing:

“This was a most enjoyable presentation today. All areas had been very thoroughly prepared. Your pieces were executed with confidence and a good sense of style”.

“A technically neat delivery with good musical design. Rhythmic impetus was steady to maintain a sense of direction in the flowing phrases. A confident and well controlled presentation”.

“Sensitive and expressive playing with good balance of melody and accompaniment”.

“The playful character of the piece was projected with conviction and the technical challenge of the repeated staccato notes was met with success. A musically refined performance”.

“An imaginative treatment of the tonal resources of the piano, and the contrasts were well balanced with good control of touch. A musically mature approach wich captured the atmospheric character of the piece with conviction”.

“A confident performance played at a lively well controlled tempo with clear even fingerwork and pleasing control of phrasing”.

“This was a dramatic and well punctuated interpretation. Dynamically, it was structured thoughtfully and in accordance with the composer’s intentions”.

“Rubato was tasteful and provided phrases with a sense of poise and buoyancy”.

“A fluent and confident performance. The playing was technically clean and musical content was well prepared and projected with refinement and conviction”.

“Excellent. Very good rhythmic control. Nicely balanced texture. Tonal colour always effective and in style.”

Details last updated on January 29, 2021