Dr Leon Coward

  • PhD (Music)
  • BA Hons. (Music)
  • BA
  • MTA accredited in Piano - Music Theory - Musicianship - Violin

Dr Leon Coward, is an award-winning composer-pianist, tertiary qualified pedagogue and MTA accredited teacher (Piano, Music Theory, Musicianship, Violin), specialising in teaching piano, improvisation, and composition.

Dubbed “full of new invention” and “Chopin-esque” (Critiks UK) for his performances as a composer-performer (piano), Leon is also an award-winning film composer (2BR02B To Be or Naught To Be, Dir. Marco Checa Garcia, Canada 2016), and has presented his work on composition internationally including at the TATE Liverpool (UK) and at the University of Auckland (New Zealand). An active performer and music researcher, Leon is a founding member, resident composer and soloist with the internationally recognised ensemble Camerata Academica of the Antipodes.

Instruction is offered in the following areas:
Piano performance
Improvisation for pianists
Composition (all instruments)
Film composition
HSC Performance
Tertiary Music

Leon’s qualifications include: Doctor of Philosophy (Music); BA Hons. first class for his research on music in film, Historically Informed Performance and Improvisation studies (UNE), Studio Pedagogy (Charles Sturt University) and MTA accreditation (piano, violin & theory). He is the recipient of the prestigious Australian Postgraduate Award and his research into music has been published by the University of Otago. Leon is also an active member of the Musicological Society of Australia (MSA) and regularly presents papers at international conferences.

Details last updated on April 20, 2019