I must say I was totally amazed to actually witness how much the young students accomplish in your Early Childhood class. It's one thing to KNOW the positives of learning music but to observe a class- WOW!

- Alison Gatt

I think you and your family and staff are doing a great job and you should be very proud and I hope to be seeing you all there for many years to come. Well done and THANK YOU ALL.

- Julie Archer

My girlfriend just let me know she has enrolled her girls for keyboard. Iā€™m stoked ā€“ I was singing your praises when she was looking around for piano lessons and she is happy too. ā€“ Just wanted to let you know ā€“ you are all doing a top job!

- Sharon

Beautiful teachers, wonderful staff, fantastic with children... Our son has been attending music lessons at Dynamic Rhythms for 6 years & his progress from one year to the next has been amazing, this would not have happened without the commitment & passion of his teacher!!! Thank you & keep up the good work guys.

- Nancy Lucich

Just love the friendliness off this company! The staff are so approachable, professional and great to deal with! I would highly recommend dynamic rhythms to everyone. Children and adults alike!

- Sharon Arruzza

My son loves going each week learning new things

- Lorraine Brown

My daughter has been attending since she was a baby ( now 7) She loves it! The teachers have been wonderful, I couldn't recommend it enough!

- Susan

My kids have been attending music lessons here since they were babies. With the introduction of a musical theatre class end of last year my daughter is in heaven. The teachers are great and we are always warmly welcomed. 9yo now has singing lessons and is doing so well in eisteddfods. 7yo is learning drums until he is big enough to switch to guitar. So much opportunity taught by amazing and talented teachers. They get to perform at a yearly concert as well as mini end of term concerts. They also have sung at light up Camden which is a huge achievement. There is lots of evidence of the value of music lessons and have never regretted the decision to sign them up and stay with this school. So lucky to part of the dynamic rhythms family.

- Siobhan Mclaren