General Theory Tuition

Skill Level Intermediate, Advanced

As the Artistic Director of KMPC, it has been my aim to teach each composers work with uniqueness from any period considering the fundamental characteristic of each period admiring and studying in detail ;

Baroque Period-

With the majestic form of art in architecture and painting such as the great Roman architecture and painting can be studied in conjunction with Bach, Handel and Scarlatti ' s music.

Classical Period-

The classical period is expressed with the great music of Mozart, Haydn & Beethoven. The music of the genius' s must be approached from a completely different focus than the music from the Baroque period or romantic composer.

Romantic Period-

It is important to study what was Schumann' s idea of Romanticism. It is playing with a poetic touch to produce the beautiful tunes of some of the great composers such as Schubert, Brahms and Chopin.

Music and art are intertwined. Impressionism influenced Debussy and Ravel; studying the colours of Monet and Van Gogh paintings, the poetries of Verlone and Baudelaire indeed creates a source of soul in performing the music of the Impressionist era.

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