Ekaterina Samsonova

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Ekaterina Samsonova is a devoted, talented piano music teacher. Educated in Russia, she is using her skills in pedagogy, piano music teaching methods and traditions of the world most recognisable Russian school and incorporating it with a Morden approach of teaching children in Australia. She came to Australia in 1995 as a student. After completing her education and establishing family, 1998 Ekaterina was teaching hundreds of school children all over the Sydney. In 2002, she began her work at Forte School of Music in Gordon, then Eastwood and Parramatta.

Her passionate love working with children and teaching them to learn and love music, brought her to a new and yet developing suburb The Ponds, to spread the good news and help the community in the most high call is to investing in children education.

Details last updated: February 3, 2023