Elizabeth Bowie Vocal Studio


Whether you are just starting on your singing journey or have a little more experience, as a contemporary vocal coach, I can help you develop your voice and your repertoire. Lessons are taught with patience, compassion and great care. The goal is to have fun whilst learning new techniques and improving your vocal range, vocal health, pitch, tone, register changes via the MIX Technique.

Learn how to prepare your songs for performances and auditions. Learn performance techniques, microphone techniques, interpretation and improvisation. As a professional, trained actor, I can help you get into the nitty gritty of the song and bring it to life.

I also like to treat each student holistically at lessons, incorporating and considering your inner wellbeing and your physical and emotional states to help you reach your full potential, sometimes using short meditations and visualisations and encouraging a healthy lifestyle to support your voice.

Special passion for teaching neurodiverse children.
I am also available to help you in the recording studio to get the best out of your time and performance.



Lessons online.

Creative Kids Vouchers Accepted.

Looking forward to working with you!

Elizabeth x

Details last updated: March 21, 2024