Elizabeth Wei

  • Cert IVs in music performance and music industry business
  • BA (Psych
  • Soci.) MCouns (2017)

Singing was my first passion and as long as I remember I've always sang. My first singing lessons began in 1994 with many diverse teachers from different backgrounds and I continue to practice and progress 20 years later. I have performed both in Australia and overseas and have developed my own style and methods of singing.

Singing is so much more than developing your voice. Psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually intertwined, your voice is an expression of who you are, and the embodiment of your expression and experience of your world. Singing is a lifestyle, it is a ritual and most of all it is heart. I have a very unique combination of experience and interests that brings together a powerful tool to help any singer along the way to achieving their wildest dreams, in their own way.

I have experience in the studio and on stage, and although I am not a music teacher, and I am not a university trained singer (although I am studying at Masters level at university in clinical counselling), I consider myself experienced both technically and in raw talent. raw talent will get you only so far, then technique carries you the rest of the way.

I have many great techniques to offer your existing training or beginning learnings. Lessons include singing techniques, breathing, microphone techniques, stage craft, songwriting, performing confidence, and knowledge and insight into the music business.

If you are seeking a seriously effective way of improving your voice, I am the guide that will help you through. If you're wanting to sing just for fun, I'm happy to help too. Absolute beginner to advanced singers all ages welcome :)

Rates: $50 p/hr
$70 p/ 100mins
Location: Richmond, or I can travel to your place if it's accessible by public transport within 15 - 20mins of travelling time, or $10 extra for travel time of up to 30mins.

Please text 0402599758 with your name, singing style and why you are wanting singing lessons.

Cbd Apartment Building
555 Flinders Street
Melbourne, VIC
0402 599 758
Richmond, VIC


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