Violin lessons - first lesson free!

Styles Classical
Skill Level Beginner to VCE
Pricing $40 1/2 hour

I’m a passionate violin teacher with 15 years teaching experience and 30 years playing experience.

When teaching, I aim to create a solid technical foundation in my students, with an emphasis on good posture and a good ear for correct tuning and rhythm. I encourage creativity, and my lessons are always a fun and comfortable environment.

I have constructed a sequential curriculum of music to teach beginners to advanced students, from a wide variety of styles. These pieces and exercises all have backing tracks that kids absolutely love playing along with - it's like they're in a band! This helps to motivate practice time, and also helps the student play in time and in tune when not being in the supervised violin lesson environment.

I have experience helping students prepare for AMEB exams when they are ready, for orchestra, music scholarship and university auditions, concerts and Eisteddfods.

I believe that music can be an incredible aid to developing a child’s learning skills, it can help with concentration, problem solving, learning languages, coordination, and best of all, self esteem.

I also teach adults who either had experience playing violin or other instruments when they were younger, or those who have never learnt music. I believe everybody can benefit from learning an instrument!

Email me or call me on 0401033587 to have a chat about violin lessons for you or your child!

Please note the offer for a free trial lesson is for students under 18 only, adults are welcome to come in for an initial lesson.

If you would like to go ahead and book in a lesson, you can do so via my appointlet account:

25 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC
0401 033 587

Details last updated on October 7, 2020