Emily Burger

  • The University of Sydney / Masters of Music Studies
  • The University of Melbourne / Bachelor of Music Performance
  • AMEB / Associate in Music
  • 5 Years of Private Instrumental Teaching Experience

Having been involved with music for many years in different settings, I feel that I have a good indication of things that worked very well for my musical development and just as importantly, things that did not.

A lot of my methods are focused around engaging my students and keeping them playing music for the long haul, rather than giving up after just one year.

In order to enjoy playing the flute, you must have some level of
competency on the instrument. However in order to go home and practice effectively - you must enjoy playing it. I see this as a hard cycle to break and it is one to which I attribute the high dropout rate of flute students.
My ideal outcome learning environment is a friendly but self-motivating where the students want to learn about music in order for them to enjoy making it more.

Melbourne, VIC
Travelling in the local area
Collingwood, VIC
Emerald, VIC


Details last updated: February 15, 2024