Emily McKenzie

  • BMus
  • BA
  • Dip Ed

Emily is a trained and experienced performer and vocal coach focussing on safe singing technique in a caring, friendly and supportive environment.

She is a dedicated and passionate singer and performer who loves to share her passion for music through teaching others.
her lessons involve developing appropriate technique in order to sing safely, and skills and tools to help you produce the best tone quality possible, as well as explore and develop your range, breathing, projection and many other vital elements to produce the best possible voice you can.
With her extensive Musical Theatre experience, she will be able to coach you through your chosen audition songs and help you nail that audition and alleviate some of those nerves that come with facing an audition panel.
Emily has a bachelor of Music and have studied classical voice for 7 years and specialised in Musical Theatre for the past 10 years.
She has also spent the past 7 years as both a Primary and Secondary Music teacher, as well as teaching Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts, both directing and musically directing multiple theatre productions in these positions.
Please feel free to email private message me for any further information, or simply call Emily on 0401042408 for further information.

28 Morack Road, Vermont
Vermont, VIC
(03) 9873 7564 or 0401 042 408


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