Emma Knight

I focus on vocal health and technique with pitch exercises and music theory.

I believe that live performances are instrumental for any developing singer and I organise regular public performances for all levels of experience. Some students who are timid about singing on stage can choose to sing in a choir or group song to help them transition into a solo performance.

All my lessons are tailored to each individual students needs and goals. During your first lesson I will ask you, what you are hoping to achieve or get out of your lessons? Then together we will work towards making that happen. I do this every subsequent term to make sure each student is progressing towards their own personal goals.

---Qualifications and Professional Development---

– Bachelor of Music. Australian Institute of Music 2009
– Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing. Member Since 2013
– World Voice Day, Voice Matters Conference. Macquarie University, Sydney 2013
– International Conference of Voice Teachers. Griffith University, Brisbane 2013
– Teaching Young Voices with Geoffrey Ashden. JMC Academy, Sydney 2014
– Kindermusik Licensed Educator. November 2015

Details last updated: December 3, 2023