Emmanuel Asvestas

  • Bachelor Of Music

Throughout my 10 years experience of teaching I've seen many types of players and students. There is one vital mistake that most teachers make. That their goal is the same as the students. My Goal as a teacher is to see my student enjoy and flourish in their selected stylistic aproach, while enjoying playing music and to leave aside the oldschool grinding away at concepts that bore and discourage people from reaching their true goals.

There are a few fundemental areas to guitar and just as many techniques to reach a level of guitar enjoyment.

  • ExpressiveTechnique

  • Harmony/Melody

  • Tone Colour

  • Dynamics

  • Repertoire

  • Structure

  • Unity and Contrast

Through examining these areas of music. Together we can reach YOUR musical goals.

Whether it be to just, strum along to your favourite song, or to reach a technical brilliance, for a school assesment or as a device to build self confidence and be a part of a great community.

Newcastle, NSW
0435 805 481


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