Styles Develop confidence for Public Speaking, Singing, Life and Performance.
Skill Level All levels. Beginner to Professional

Coaching empowers you to discover and develop your strengths to overcome your limitations.

At Find Your Voice you gain access to the elite service usually only accessible to industry leaders and professional performers. Train in the key skills used by expert performers that will allow you give your best in every performance, when it really matters, in life and at work.

Coaching is a series of conversations and exercises designed to enhance your well-being or performance, clarify goals and develop a long and short-term strategy for achieving them.

During the coaching process, you will work with your coach to finesse your performance abilities and voice, and prepare mentally and physically for performances and events.

Through Voice and Performance Coaching you will gain:

• A Clearer understanding on how to use your voice

• The skills to influence and impact the world around you

• Understanding of your vocal instrument and its mechanisms

• Assurance that you can have the voice you can't to have

• Guidance how to modulate the quality of your vocal tone

• Presence

Delve deeper into the factors that affect your performance with a trained performer who also has postgraduate training in Psychology.
Emmanuella Grace is an internationally trained Vocal Coach.
Her teaching considers the PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and CREATIVE to train a strong, healthy performer.

Lessons incorporate contemporary techniques including Alexander Technique and Estill Voice Training, focusing on healthy posture, breathing, voice placement and projection.

Lessons are tailored to each clients need, whether it be singing contemporary styles (rock, jazz, pop, musical theatre) through to public speaking or basic confidence building. All sessions cover Breathing, Voice Placement, Projection, Confidence Building and Empowerment. All ages, All levels.

Lessons offered:
Singing Lessons
Music appreciation
Repertoire development
Presentation Coaching
Public Speaking
Confidence Building
Presentation Skills
Artist Mentorship
Artist development and strategy building
Performance techniques
Studio techniques

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Melbourne, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
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