From senior / VCE / HSC Composition through to University level.

Composition requires a good understanding of music theory, a general knowledge base of music history, confident performance skills, the ability to improvise, buckets of creativity, preferably experience with more than one instrument and a passion for creating music! Luckily through Epics Music you can learn all of these traits of a composer and more. You will learn many different styles and techniques of composition, the use of abstract inspiration and the “musical side” of mathematical equations.

Composition is so much broader than putting a few notes together and can be taught at many different levels. If you wish to receive lessons in composition, lessons can start from basic solo instrument tonal pieces and can continue up to tertiary level symphonies.

A message from Christine:

Composition is my passion and what I love and live to do, so lessons will be both extensive and exciting. Because of the amount of skills that need to be taught for composition these lessons are only available for a minimum of 1 hour per week.

Composition is very fulfilling no matter what level it is for. If you are even slightly curious about learning composition I strongly urge you to contact me so we can get started on creating another great Debussy, Xenaxis, Stockhausen or Cage (they’re composers… we’ll cover this in our lesson!)

40 Minnamurra Street
Kiama, NSW
0431 435 016

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