Styles Jazz, Pop, Folk, Contempoary
Skill Level Beginner - advanced
Pricing $40/30 min, $60/45 min, $80/hour

Singing lessons and vocal coaching for children and adults, from absolute beginners to advanced musicians. A holistic approach is taken, which covers a broad range of singing styles and focusses on bringing out the best in each student's voice and developing their skills as musicians. Lesson content is tailored to your skill level and musical goals.

Singing lessons are taught by Erica Bramham, a professional musician and music teacher with extensive teaching and performance experience. Erica holds a Bachelor of Music with Honours from the Victorian College of the Arts, with a major in contemporary voice.

Erica believes everyone can learn to sing, and focuses on improving your tone and strengthening your voice so you will always sound your best. She takes a holistic approach to lessons, as there is much more to being a great singer than just good technique. This includes musicality, instrumental skills, stage presence, phrasing, connecting with lyrics and managing anxiety and nerves.

Erica is particularly passionate about helping her students to develop their own unique sound, with a focus on drawing inspiration from their favourite singers rather than directly imitating them.

She also believes that singers should be provided with the same musical foundations other instrumentalists receive in their training, and encourages vocal students to consider including instrumental skills on guitar, piano or ukulele as part of their vocal lessons.

Vocal lessons can be complemented with:

  • composition / songwriting lessons

  • guitar, piano, bass or ukulele lessons

  • music theory / aural training

  • performance / stagecraft training

  • audition and entrance exam preparation (eg Monash University, Victorian College of the Arts, NMIT, Box Hill Institute, AIM, JMC Academy)

  • jazz improvisation (scatting) and advanced harmonic concepts

Lessons are taught online using Zoom video conferencing.

To enquire about lessons please email

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Sydney, NSW
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